Wanna Change my phone


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Check out Motorola L9 also ... cost 6.4K, if you buy it from hotspot, u can purchase a 2 year water damage warranty for extra 600 bucks ...

I had a L7 till a few days back, till it decided that the dili heat was getting too much for it and it went swimming in my sink. L9 is an upgraded model with 2MP camera, A2DP, Edge etc.

Moto phones are highly customizable (i.e. hackable, check modmymoto.com ), so if there lives a lil hacker in you, look no further.

BTW, I am looking for a second hand EDGE enabled phone, ny one selling or willing to lend it to me for a few weeks will be appreciated.


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hi setu,
nokia 6233 may fit in though nearer 7 k. excellent value for money. super batt backup. (personally use a SE)


Thanks guys, i will have a look at L9 too. I guess 6233 is not avaliable now, i dont see it listed in any of the indian mobile sites.


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Hi Jamal,

If u want gud phn with all features go for nokia N72

I m using this phn fr last 2 years its a great phn and true value fr money...

its cost is 7700 rs....................


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try www.univercell.in it has more accurate prices .... My 6110 Navigator is listed as 16499 in fonearena while its market prices is near about 13500 on hotspot and 15500 as listed on univercell. But the univercell offer includes that car gps mount also ... which is 2k in the market.


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u can also go for Nokia N73 Music Edition and its really value for money. Styling is superb and quite handy. Video quality is really gud and has a 3.2Mpixel camera which is truly eye-catching one. 3G is there. Looks are really awesome. Have a look at this set too......