Want to start a Chemist Shop - Need suggestions !!!!

Discount System in North Delhi is more than anywhere else.

DDU Hospital means it has better market of Chemists and you can sit in such area to get easily 10K per day sale.
Elsewhere you have to gradually grow on !
I am not asking you to sit inside hospital.
You can take rented shop opposite to or in market at near by area.
Chemist or any Shop is not started just with first day sale of 10K or more.
It takes months or few to some years to grow.

For better footfall you have to be in any running market on main road.
Better choose by surveying about doctors, nursing homes, corner location, with ample parking etc.
Most residential colonies are good for business in West Delhi.

Uttam Nagar Area is very big, Rajouri Garden, Janakpuri, Paschim Vihar etc.
Survey there.


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Thank you verry much adsatinder sir for your.valuable suggestion.I will definitely go out there and survey there to find a good plce to open a shop.If you want to share any more advice, please do writr here.
Do survey first
Then put it here everyday.
It will help you and others too.

I can tell more,
after this survey only.


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Ujjwal, Satinder Sir is right. You will have to step out and do a survey for finding a suitable location.
In North Delhi, there is a huge trend of discount. They are giving minimum 10-15% discount.
There is heavy competion this side.

In this field, there is a lot of competition. Dont expect heavy sales at the start.
For this retail business, you will have to build some good clientage first by offering some little discount,
I want to start retail chemist shop in Zirakpur Punjab, what should be the least investment for the business
Earning depends on locality, location, footfall, level of customers, nearest hospital etc
All these things decide investment to be made.
However 10-15 Lacs are good to start with. When you have experience of footfall & demand etc, you can invest after 6 months to pump up the stock accordingly.
Normally a business needs funds every 6 month to get latest trends with the market.
Don't do one time investment.
Plan it with this point in mind.
What stock are you going to keep and how the service by distributors will be given, check these points also for better rotation of stocks.
Make some chemist friend at other areas also. Local ones may not entertain you because of competition. But must do local survey. Go there to buy some common item and try to check your interest calmly in detail.
Check timings and footfall by observing those shops casually from a distance. You can sit at a nearby tea stall or sip cold drink nearby. Go for evening walk in market.

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Bhai, give me some advice as I want to do pharmacy business. so, what documents I need and as I have no financial support. so, how much will the licence for the shop costs.