Watching the sky from another sky - West and South Sikkim

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I know the title itself will make you angry with me thinking “not again, Sikkim!” This time I have a better reason for you. One of my uncle was very frequent traveler of Sikkim and North Bengal in his young age. Asking him the reason, I heard few words from him, which I will never forget. Sikkim and North Bengal are having many places where you would see two sky at the same time. One is below the hill where you are standing and another is above the hill. Before that, I never thought this way but these words insist me to do a little camping to see the sky being on the sky. I don’t know whether I could feel the same things which my uncle used to feel 30-40 years ago, but what we felt is really exciting and beyond explanation and tend to imagine what my uncle felt long days back when the places were really empty.


To be continued ...

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Day 1 (Kolkata - Siliguri):

Starting of Journey
In general, I avoid day drive on NH-34. However, this time the situation drove me to drive at daytime. My cousin sister reached Howrah station early morning from Cuttack to join us in this trip. Directly from the station she joined the trip. After driving the complete day, we reached Siliguri at 9:00 PM and took rest for the day.



Morning at New Town, Kolkata


Ready to start from Howrah

Last time when I went to Yuksom, Mr. Ds. Limbo become a very good friend of mine. From Siliguri we confirmed him about next day jungle trek and camping plan. He assured us that he would arrange a porter, a cook and other few utilities might require for the camping. As I had only one tent and bedding set for two people, I asked him to arrange another set of tent and bedding set for my sister.

Day 2 (Siliguri - Legship - Tashiding - Yuksom - Camp):
Most of the people know that it was Gorkhaland Strike time. We started early from Siliguri to cross the Sevok road as soon as possible. While we were travelling beside Teesta we saw all shops are closed where we generally see tourist crowd for breakfast. For a moment I felt that we are driving through a haunted place. Near the Sikkim border, we found couple of shops were open and had our breakfast there.

Due to the heavy rain this year the road from Melli to Legship was damaged in many placesand so it was not a very fast drive. Still we were able to reach Legship by 11:00 AM. There were few local people who confirmed that the road via Tashiding is okay and good to reach Yuksom by 1 and ½ hour. It was very lonely and amazing drive from Legship to Yuksom and the road was completely empty and probably we were the only traveler for the day through the road.



Random Snaps from Legship to Yuksom

Near about 1:00 PM we reached Yuksom and got freshened quickly. As per Limbo’s confirmation, everything was ready for camping. Mr. Limbo was not in town but his brother arranged everything for us. After taking some rest, we started our trekking at 3:00 PM.



At Yuksom

While we were taking rest at Limbo’s home-stay the cook and ported were sharing some suggestion with us. It was just after the rainy season and so they warned us of leeches. They suggested us to keep small pouch of salt with us. Although I knew that my cousin sister is chicken-livered, suddenly she shouted and said that she is not afraid of leech.After 10-15 minutes of trek when we reached into dense forest, suddenly I heard scary screams and soon I come to know that it was my cousin sister who was shouting at the top of her voice seeing leech on her leg. As suggested, we touch the leech with the salt pouch and it happened many times during the trek.

At 5:00 PM we reached the hilltop where we decided to do the tenting. Mr. Phangzong Limbo and Bashant Thami joined us for from Yuksom for helping were very decent and caring. Within couple of minutes they searched for a place near small waterfalls for cooking and their stay for the night. We first sprinkled enough amount of salt on the land to protect our camp from leeches. As soon as we completed our tents, they served us tea and pokora within a short time.







View of Yuksom at night from out camp. Sorry for bad capture..

The view from the top paid for all the efforts. One side the Yuksom village was clearly visible and on the other side, the mountain ranges were bushy green. At twilight, the sky was covered with orange hue. At night, we had a wonderful dinner under the sky experiencing chilling and dark surrounding.

To be continued ...

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Very nice, as usual.

How could you get such colour of the Rangeet water after monsoon!
Thanks .. Even before 3-4 days of trip I heard from few friends of Sikkim that there was raining. Luckily when we reached there it was clear and shining there. O:)

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Day 3 (Camp - Yuksom - Tashiding - Rabong - Borong):

Chaba Naga (Good morning) Yuksom. At the break of the day we woke up to see the snow clad mountain peaks. The dew drops would make climbing down more tedious so we planned to have breakfast and then step down. Climbing down didn’t take much time though the risk of skidding down was more but still we managed to do so in around 45 minutes. Surprisingly while coming down my cousin sister was the most enthusiastic person and did not shout of leech. Probably she learnt to live with it.


Chaba Naga (Good morning) Yuksom.











Trekking down from camp to Yuksom​


On the way from camp to Yuksom

After getting fresh at Limbo’s homestay we started for Borong but before that we stopped by Tashiding Monastery.


Ready to move towards Borong.

To be continued ...


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Day 3 continued ...

Tashiding Monastery is believed to be a place where nature and spirituality dwell together, urging the human race to be ecologically upright. The monastery is built above the confluence of the Rathong and Rangeet rivers, with the Mt. Kanchendzonga providing the scenic backdrop.


Entry road to Tashiding, There is also a alternate walking road.




















Few random snaps of Tashiding Monastery

To be continued ...

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Day 3 continued ...

After spending couple of hours in Tashiding monastery, we moved towards Borong via Rabog and Ralong. At 3:30 PM we stopped at the doorsteps of Sachita Gurung who was already in contact with me through WhatsApp for stay in Borong. She took us to Prema home-stay. My sister and brother-in-law were put up in a room of the homestay and me and wife decided to use their garden for tenting. Searched for a place from where the Mt. Nursing was clearly visible and put the tent there. I had no idea of the hospitality they would welcome us with.

On the way from Tashiding to Rabong

Hanging Bridge West Sikkim Near Tashiding

View from the garden at Borong.








Few Random snaps of the home-stay and surrounding.

Borong is completely organic village. During our stay at boring whatever we ate were freshly taken from their garden and it was very tasty. The evening was well spent with bonfire and Koipa (Thungba). There we met a person who taught us Gurung language in a primary school.

Just before the bonfire started, our host the oldest member of the home-stay returned back home. You might be surprised hearing that she is 85 years old and still she do farming every day. Like other days, she came home in the evening after farming and joined us in the bonfire with some old stories of Sikkim. Before that, we came to know from Sachita that there are only 4-5 old traditional woman still alive in south Sikkim who still wear traditional ornaments.


Out Host at Borong.






Our stay at Borong

To be continued ...