Watermarking photographs pointers needed.


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as the title suggests, need inputs.

free would be better, who doesn't likes free after all.


If you can do nothing in complex image softwares,
you can do in MS Paint also :

However, it is easy to use, Microsoft Paint is a slight drawback,
it can not impose a translucent watermark.
A simple watermark can be made on the image.

but you can see these for an idea:


May be new versions have transparent tool in MS Paint.

Check for transparency tool in Paint.net :

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Yogesh Sarkar

Problem with most basic image editing programs like MS Paint is that they can end up ruining image quality, while saving image. So make sure to do a test and then compare image quality, before finalizing it.


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I can vouch for Paint.NET as quite good freeware image editing software. Used it quite a bit in the past.

You can also consider using Picasa, its more user friendly I suppose.

Yogesh Sarkar

Picasa is no longer in development and has been discontinued. It has to be downloaded from third-party websites, since Google no longer offers it for download.

Yogesh Sarkar

It was. It is a pity Google has discontinued development of it and has removed the option to download it as well. Downloading from third-party websites is never safe. Add to that, it won’t support RAW images from newer cameras, which is a bad thing as well.