Week long sojourn in Kumaon


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Day 0: 27 July: Blr --> Del --> Nainital (Bhowali)
Day 1: Nainital

Day 2: Nainital --> Ranikhet --> Kausani

Day 3: Kausani --> Baijnath --> Bageshwar --> Chaukori

Day 4: Chaukori --> Birthi --> Chaukori

Day 5: Chaukori --> Patal Bhuvneshwar --> Almora
Day 6: Almora --> Corbett

Day 7: Corbett --> Delhi

Detailed log to follow :)
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Awesome Teasers. Will follow this log as Kumaon is in my immediate bucket list.


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Day 0 (27 July): It was a pretty uneventful journey. Took the flight to Delhi which reached almost 30 min prior to actual arrival time. Had booked a taxi for the whole trip. The driver was waiting at the exit gate. As soon as we exited onto the main road, Delhi traffic welcomed us. Due to the rains, there was quite a bit of water logging on the road. It took almost 3.5 hours to reach Hapur. Driver suggested to stop at Shiv Dhaba for some food. We decided to have an early dinner at that time itself. Quality of the roads improved further on till Rampur. Rampur - Rudrapur stretch had a lot of diversion and patch work due to construction activities. Driver kept decent pace in spite of continuous rain. We had booked the hotel at KMVN Bhowali for 2 nights. We reached the hotel by midnight after traveling for about 10 hrs from Delhi airport.

Day 1: We decided to take it easy as we were very late to hit bed the previous day. After a sumptuous breakfast of Poori & Sabji, we started off for Nainital around 9.45. It was raining continuously enroute. It looked like the sightseeing plans might be hampered. Fortunately, there was some respite from rain though it was extremely foggy and misty. Misty hills and its backdrop with lakes etc gave a different charm. Some of the locations allowed only local taxis (eg. snow view point etc). So our driver arranged some one from his contact. Nothing was visible other than mist.


He also took us to a view point of Khurpa taal. That was pretty nice.

We returned to the main city center. Spent some time walking around Mall street, Naina Devi temple, Nainital Lake. After capturing a few moments through camera eyes also, we continued to our next destination which was Naukuchiatal.

Enroute we had lunch at a road side dhaba. Restaurant had amazing views of the valley. Rain & mist also decided to give us some opportunity to enjoy the hill views.

Boating in Naukuchiatal was nice. Felt that it was definitely worth the 30 mins.


On the way back had a brief pit stop at Bhim Taal. As soon as we stepped back into the car, it again started pouring cats and dogs. Reached the hotel by 6 PM or so and decided to call it a day.


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Day 2: Travel from Bhowali to Kausani through Ranikhet enjoying the mountainous landscapes & terrace cultivation etc. Started after a nice breakfast from KMVN Bhowali at around 9 AM. Unlike the previous day, the rain seemed to have swept away the mist. It was a clear and sunny day giving us different vistas of the mountains. Courtesy and helpfulness of the hotel staff at KMVN Bhowali is definitely worth mentioning.

Route followed on Day 2
Driver suggested that we pay a visit to the temple at Kainchi Dham. Spent around 15 min, captured a few moments through camera lens and got ourselves going for the rest of the journey

Kainchi Dham with mountains & river in the backdrop

Since the drive for the day was relatively short, we took it easy and ensured that camera was alive and happy :lol:.
Some of the landscapes enroute Ranikhet

Walked for a while through the golf ground and
Kali temple in Ranikhet.

After spending time soaking in the views around, we decided to continue on our journey to Kausani. Off season period had its own Pros & Cons. Most of the spots were empty but we also had to starve ourselves as most of the restaurants were not functioning. Finally managed to get some Maggi (Himalayan Staple) in a shabby place in Someshwar. We made a couple of more photo stops en route.
Driver also took us to Anasakti Ashram in Kausani.
The panorama from the place was amazing.

Accommodation was already booked at KMVN Kausani. We almost had the whole property to ourselves which was the kind of situation due to off season. The view from the room was amazing except for a couple of houses which caused some scar in the photos. Went walking around the KMVN property. We also witnessed a decent sunset. There was a small downpour around sunset which cleared off the mist and there we got the first glimpse of majestic Himalayan peaks.


After a delicious dinner decided to call it a day thinking about the plans ahead.

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