Weekend Trip - Salboni Retreat at Jhargram


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Sole and primary objective of this trip was to take rest and nothing else. Well, this was met and exceeded the expectation.
We started the journey on 31st Dec’15 morning from Kolkata (Park Circus) at 8:15AM. We were not fortunate with the Kona expressway due an 18 wheeler’s breakdown on the Santragachi Bridge. When we hit the NH-6, it was 10:30 AM. We reached Salboni retreat (Maharaja Uddyanbati) at 1:15PM with two breaks for the breakfast and one for the post breakfast tea. Usually it should not take more than 3 hours.

How to Reach:
From Kolkata, the only route is NH-6. Straight drive. Just do not leave NH-6. After entering Kharagpur, you will reach ‘Chowringhee more’ [For GPS users: lat long: 22.369357 87.340064] on the NH-6. It is a big roundabout on the NH-6. It is about 125KM from Kolkata.

After this roundabout, in about 1 KM, the six lane picturesque NH-6 will give way to the old school National Highway with in-coming traffic plying without any divider. Continue on NH-6. For the next few kilometers, it will be bit clumsy with parked trucks all over the places, thick hanging dusts etc. Once you survive that, until ‘Lodhasuli More’ [lat long: 22.338669 87.047387] road is smooth and clean. This crossing is about 34KM from ‘Chowringhee More’. From this crossing take right turn towards Jhargram town.

Drive for another 5KM and just after you cross Hotel Kaushalya Heritage (on your left), please slow down. Look for the wide low rise iron gate with two small signboards ‘Maharaja Uddyanbati’ and ‘Salboni Retreat’ hanging from the gate itself. Often you may find it unmanned. Please step out and open it. Once you enter, please close it again.
Road Condition in front of Salboni Retreat_[Reduced].jpg

Salboni Retreat_Gate_SMALL.jpg

You just arrived at the Salboni Retreat [lat long: 22.375630 87.020566]. Now please drive through this sprawling property to reach the dining area. Dasguptas will welcome you. It is approximately 165KM from Kolkata & 10KM from the Jhargram. If you wish to visit this place by train, you may avail Ispat Express from Howrah. If you contact Dasguptas in advance, they may assist you to get a pick-up transport from the railway station to the Salboni Retreat.

Dinning Area:
Dining Area_Salboni Retreat_[Reduced].jpg

They have two set of accommodation. Durga Bari's first floor is preferred. However, the choice of accommodation depends on how advance you book it. Rooms are ordinary but clean & comfortable. No A/C or running hot&cold water or so called 'room service'. But of course, you can get hot water during morning and noon. They boil water behind this Durga Bari building by lighting the dry woods.
Salboni Retreat_Durga Bari_[Reduced].jpg

Salboni Retreat_Durga Bari_Frontside_[Reduced].jpg

It was awesome. Lot of exotic but homely cooked food, sound sleep, walk through this 40 acres of private forest and repeat! Mrs Dasgupta personally took care of our gastronomical delights and always smiling Mr. Bhaskar Dasgupta was like our loving guardian ensuring absolute conform for us. You don't need to do anything. That's the best part of coming here. Still if you wish to do 'Sightseeing', there are many places like: Chilkigarh fort, Jhargram Rajbari, Hatipota, Herbal Garden, even Bangriposi.
Salboni Retreat_Food_[Reduced].jpg

Salboni Retreat_Hammock_[Reduced].jpg

Salboni Retreat_Side Resting place_[Reduced].jpg

Salboni Retreat_Walk_[Reduced].jpg

Salboni Retreat_Camp Fire_[Reduced].jpg


Just had few days of calm, peaceful & serenity. If possible please keep your mobile off. By the way, there is no TV either. While returning we stopped at the Lodhasuli More and packed some delicious jaggery soaked country cheese balls (oh! Gurer Rosogolla) from the Muduli Mistanna Bhandar (you can see it in the Lodhasuli more map crop). Those were simply out of the world.
The following snap was taken near Herbal Garden (Amratola - 3.5 KM from Salboni Retreat):

How to Book:
Do you want to go to this perfect escape for few days? Please contact Mr. Bhaskar Dasgupta (9432863167, 9331041352).
To know more you may watch this video in the youtube posted by some earlier visitors.


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Nice. I need to know more, how was the entire stretch of road condition. Was there any naxalite activities. What was the charges of the resort and food.
Road condition is great up-to Kharagpur's "Chowringhee more". From Chowringhee more to Salboni retreat, road is not bad but it is without dividers and like old days' national highways. :) This stretch is approximately 40 KM.
Insurgency is there but it has come down. Tourist footfall has increased significantly. We did not experience any concern in this regard.


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Regret to inform all that Mr. Dasgupta passed away in Jan this year. Bhaskarda - as he was affectionately known by all who visited the Salboni Retreat - will surely be missed by all who experienced his hospitality. RIP.

Mrs. Dasgupta lives mainly in Calcutta nowadays, visiting Salboni only occasional.

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And miles to go before I sleep
Regret to inform all that Mr. Dasgupta passed away in Jan this year. Bhaskarda - as he was affectionately known by all who visited the Salboni Retreat - will surely be missed by all who experienced his hospitality. RIP.
What's the status of the resort ? Is it running . Who's in charge ? Any new contact no ?
Mrs. Dasgupta lives mainly in Calcutta nowadays, visiting Salboni only occasional.
Sorry to learn about the demise of Mr Dasgupta. RIP.
What's the status of the resort?
Is it functioning? If Mrs Dasgupta had left for Calcutta, who is running the show ? Can anyone help with the new contact number?
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@Subhankar : Mrs. Dasgupta manages the resort together with her staff who have been with her for ages, and have almost become part of the family. A caveat however - your travel dates have to match with hers. She lives in Cal for 2-3 weeks, and the remaining time at Salboni. She is very careful about letting out the place to guests these days, so you may be called for a personal "interview" in order to be vetted. If you are a family travelling to the place, then I do not see her objecting - however she may be a bit wary if the group comprises only men.

She lives in So-Kol, Triangular Park opp. Gupta Bros. Booking confirmation may only be done by visiting her personally. The place was actually a hunting lodge earlier, and her father had purchased it from some Brit in the 1950's. It was like a Farm House for the family. Mrs. D & her late husband Bhaskarda constructed some new buildings & converted the place into a lodge for nature lovers in the early 90's.

She may be contacted on 93310-41352 / 94328-63167, assuming the nos. are still valid.

Do let me have your feedback if and when you visit the Salboni Retreat.