Weekend trip to Vedanthangal bird sanctuary


This was a quick decision on day before yesterday. Vedanthangal bird sanctuary is 80 kilometers away from Chennai, 27 kilometers away from chengalpattu. I collected information about transportation and food from my colleague. Finally, we had a packed breakfast and started from chennai at 7-15AM.

I dint think or this irritating traffic on GST. The traffic is on its worst condition on upward and downward journeys.

But chilled wind and warm sunlight made the trip as pleasant one. 7:45 tambaram and 8:30 at Chengalpattu. So it is well and safely driven trip, I can say. After Chengalpattu, we felt shivering. So coldddd.. Earlier we planned for a early morning trip, which was suppose to start by 4:00 am, it is good, we didn't do that.

After chengalpattu, next 12 kilometers went as enjoyable as it can. Beautiful sunlight, chilled wind, less vehicles except few sand trailers. We took a very quick break at Padalam X road.

Started again, we took the right turn at X road heading towards Vedanthangal, 12 kms away from here. Te road is not good in the beginning, but soon, we found the road in good condition. Less used, highly enjoyable surrounded by hillocks, farm fields, sad, real estate promoters slowly occupying them :(.

There was a Lord Vishnu shrine at the top of a hill. This place is called Thirumalai vaiyavoor. We also searched for a nice place to have the breakfast since we ride with our kid. There was a nice and very quick ghat road, which reaches the shrine. After a pleasant worshipping session, we took our packed breakfast.

Started again at 10:00am. The road is less taken now. Very nice straight road was leading to Vedanthangal. Reeached Vedanthangal at 10:15 without much hurdle.

It was a quiet, windy, beautiful, chilled place. The facade really made me and my kid happy. The place is surrounded by farm fields. You feel sleepy if you sit in a place for more than 30 minutes.

You can feel the bad smell coming out from the water due to birds' wastes.

<em>I didn't go with my camera, had only mobile phones. Though i bought the tickets, the forest officers refunded the money, which impressed us very much.</em>

Again, we started at 13:45. This time we went inside Chengalpattu to have our lunch. After a tiresome traffic (I'm not sure if I choose GST for one more bikeride:( ), we reached our house by 4:00 pm.

Total Distance: 164 KMs
Total Expense: 3L Petrol + 120 rupees for Lunch



Thanks john. Yes, but the trip on GST is not so enjoyable due to frequent human crossings. But the place is wonderful with clean air, tidy facade and nice village road for them kid to explore.


Thanks hiambuj,
I composed this text with wordpress for ipad for the first time. Will correct it in my next post