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Last year I tried some ready to use protein powders and other stuff to reduce my weight by 10 kgs. It was standard High Protein Low Cal diet. I have regained some of the Kgs back and wish to shed them. But this time I wish to do it with my home made diet instead of the ready to use powders. Since High Protein Low Cal format has helped me once, I'll stick to it this time as well.

I am a vegetarian (actually a Jain) so things of animal origin can't be used. Thus I am left with Lentils, Soya, fruits and veges.


Morning: Skimmed Milk, Banana - 180 Calories (Banana can be replaced with other fruits like apple)

Lunch: Typical Indian lunch with Subzi, Dal-2 Cup & 3-Roti - 950 Calories (Consume more of Dal, use less oil in Subzi and no oil in Roti)

Evening: Low fat Gobi Paneer Paratha - 300 Calories

Dinner: Sprouted Beans/Lentils - 250 Calories

Please add what other options I have.
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Yogesh Sarkar

Whats wrong with using protein powder? At the end of the day, us vegetarians just don't get enough protein. So a good quality whey protein should be part of your diet, if you are trying to lose weight, so as to ensure that you don't end up losing muscles as well.


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Prasham, nothing works like self-control, exercise and a well chosen, home cooked diet.
You do not need to pander to the ready mixes and packaged products that are there primarily to lighten your wallet!

When it comes to weight loss, staying trim and fighting fit, it is entirely up to us. We tend to 'fool' ourselves into believing that 'medication' of some sort is needed!


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- Oat
-Oat+Roasted wheat+Bran (High in Fiber to avoid constipation issue)(can be boild with any kind of masala with veg, slow digestive so will not feel hungry for long time)
-Daal is source of carbohydrate , so try to reduce this
- Banana too should be avoided ,(add apple , strawberry)
- Try to eat less in evening and night (after 6 pm , should not take heavy items). due to less activity food eaten is late evening and night has more chance to convert to fat. Also some where I read night food will have effect of 3 times than what we eat in day time (lunch ) because we don't work/active in late evening and night.
- Early morning luke warm lemon water with honey help to reduce weight (later in day honey increases wt , fundamental -no idea why ).
- Salt retain lot of water to weight . Reducing salt (4.1 g for adult according to guideline)
- An adult should not be consuming more than half litre of oil in 30days (conversion from table spoon to litre)

Here are few other calculation which may help you to find your objective

-Check your BMR(body Mass requirement)
-1 lb muscle consume 55 kcal and 1 lb fat consume 5 kcal .. so building muscle will reduce your weight
-it take around 3500 Kcal to reduce 1 LB weight

If you have weight on tummy then you need to do cardio (heart beat should reach 150 + for some time) and specific exercise to reduce this along with your body weight.

good luck


Vikas Bhadauria
Anybody tried Lauki juice? I am getting gud results simply by drinking a glass every morning on an empty stomach. :)
I have made it a habit of drinking 2 glasses of 'shikanji' in the morning at an interval of 1 hour. I get up at 7 and have a glass (500ml) shikanji, wait for an hour and have another glass of it of same quantity. Wait for an hour and a half more and then have my very light breakfast.