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Very motivated from all the learnings, have made a few changes to my daily diet & have cleaned up my excercise cycle.
Balanced diet goes effective immediately, and the cycle workout hopefully by this weekend- lets see what kinda results I get- will keep you all posted.

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Vipin Singh Rawat

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Okay, from April 20th 2013 to Spetember 20th 2013 fat loss report.

Body fat percentage in Apr was 30% (Obese)
Body fat percentage in Sep is 21.5 % (Acceptable)

Pot belly has been disappeared and I have a flat stomach now. My goal is to go as low as 11% body fat (Ripped) but a quick goal is 17% of body fat.

Removed Tofu and boiled chicken from diet recently (as I dont like the smell) and added egg whites, peanut butter and brown rice. Fat is essential so I am taking fat from peanut butter and fish oil tabs. I have started taking cinnamon everyday which will improve the metabolism.

Excercise routine is still same. My only goal is fat loss and muscle gain mainitaing the same weight of 68 kgs. My pedometer shows 10,000 steps in a day. However, I doubt its accuracy. Also, I have calculated body fat via US army body fat calculator I doubt the accuracy for this calculator too but it gives me an idea where I stand. Keep losing! :)
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I have no idea what I have lost in last one month or so! But the stamina is much better than before!
Lap times have reduced from over 10mins/KM to 9mins/KM...!!

Yogesh Sarkar

Making room for sweets in the evening. Happy Diwali to all those dieting, keep a tab on your diet and try not to eat too many extra calories.



Great thread! Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. Except for a proper diet, I need to choose a good fitness plan. How did you choose yours?