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Thanks a ton Rahul!!! Ok ill take your word on the knee and elbow guards... But army boots.. where do we get these? What does it look like?


I am visiting Chopra this weekend for getting some of the stuffs required for my Leh trip....

can anybody tell do they do bargaining or is it a fix price shop?

Has anybody got any of the stuff mentioned below from Chopra's and at what price

Knee Guards
Elbow Guards
Tank Bag ( Will check the quality, If don't find good enough then will be buying Cramster...)
Saddle Bag ( Will check the quality, Second option would be Cramster.)
Bungee cords


Thats actually great.... Bargaining leaves you in a situation in which even if you purchase after a hell lot of bargaining then still you think you might have been looted........ :)


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for good winter gloves, I would suggest you to please visit the Army cantt market (locally known as sadar bazaar..... and not that sadar bazaar in old delhi)...(beside Dhaula kuan)... I purchased very good winter (water-proof) gloves (good length, cover half arm)at 250/- only... it has comfortable grip and have tried it on small rides and found it to be comfy... just to add I checked winter (water proof) gloves with ADV 18 as well, man they were very expensive at 1300/- company name- Head... offcourse that army cantt is not equally padded, but good enough to give you secure grip... Do try that out before you shell out your hard earned money.... Regards