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Yogesh Sarkar

Welcome to the Bikes section, the ultimate synergy of man and machine. Kudos to those who dare to travel in place where most of us sitting in/on top of our machine are having a hard time.

This section is devoted those bikers (in case you like the motorized verity, check out the Car and Motorcycle sections)



Hi All,
I drive Honda Activa since last four years. Also, I have Maruti Suzuki that I use sometimes. I like to drive Activa but always get fear of any adventurous or fast drive.

Yogesh Sarkar

Well he is just trying to spam BCMTouring on behalf of his employer, Satguide, hence it wouldn't really matter to him, whether this is relevant or not, as long as he can fan out spam!


Deepak Dongre
Yogeshbabu...I feel the subject should have been changed from BIKES to BICYCLES. Even I was confused at first.