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sumit sharma

Life - A Daring Adventure
Welcome to the Cars section

Love to go places on your motorized chariot?

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Want to start touring in your car but don?t know what you should/should not carry on your first trip?

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hi frenz

I am seeking info about delhi-leh tour by my Alto[2009 model].

Last trip i covered was delhi-shimla-kufri-tattapani-delhi in june 2010


sumit sharma

Life - A Daring Adventure
hi all
i have been on such a good trip to shimla where i enjoyed a lot but the only problem was my car got a hit on its door....
I parked my car out of the guest house which was not a private parking and next morning i found that horrible dent on it......
I was wondering how much would it cost to get it repaired?
If anyone has any info on it.


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Am planning to do the Jammu,Srinagar,Leh,Manali trip. Is Toyota innova a good vehicle to do it? Also have a choice of Toyota Fortuner. Is it preferable? Please advise.


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I have seen many truck/bus drivers heating the diesel tank in winter season to melt the diesel. Is it so with diesel cars too ? do we have to heat up their diesel tanks in winters (sub-zero tempratures) ..?

grateful for feedback pls