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hi friends...

herez my intro!:)

-Name : Sachin Gupta
-Occupation: SAP Techno-Functional Consultant
-Location : Delhi
-Which form of Biking? : City Biking... (so far!)
-Best Long Ride : Delhi-Karnal-Delhi on ZMA
-Best Long Drive : Delhi-Agra-Delhi in 8 hours, many a times! Delhi-Shimla-Delhi in same day!
-Bikes Owned : None...!
-Cars Owned : Santro (but family has some other cars too.)
-Your Background ( studies, interests etc ):
MCA, PGDCA, B.Com, various IT Diplomas(!)...
loves cars and have exploited almost every car available here in India this side of a Merc/BMW!
I touched 195kmph (next aim is mere 200!).
loves music & hates Greg "Chappal" and his antics, but loves cricket!
movies are a big yes... but only in cinema halls!
loves home cooked food and indian gals with long black hair!
reading interest is limited to automobile magazines!
wants to own a souped up zen/gypsy or such a rally potent car!
loves gravel... much more than tarmac, but met with an accident on gravel, coz i was on a 2-wheeler!!
waiting for a perfect Bike to be launched, which can become mine! currently the hopes are on the Pulsar220-DTSFi

-Any message to fellow bikers : do everything, but think atleast twice before doing "it"!


Full Use Else Lose
^ jee yesh!
so far has kept fingers crossed... but, i really dont know what decision i'll have to take, if its late by few months again!:p


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Hey everyone !
here is my introduction !

-Name : Anant Krishna
-Occupation: Systems Admin
-Location : Delhi
-Which form of Biking? : Offroading and touring.
-Best Long Ride : Pune- Hedvi, Pune- Goa
-Best Long Drive : Jaipur - Pune
-Bikes Owned : an offroad prepd enfield.
- Hobbies - Dirt riding and being a gear head.
- Future biking plans : To do the SJOBA rally 08.

- Next bike : Honda XR650R
- My gear consists of : Vemar, DSG, Axo and alpinestars.

- Dreams to : To do the Lisbon-dakar, Baja1000 and Raid da Himalayas !
- Dream bike - BMW HP2 Enduro.

Looking forward to meeting some skilled riders, great people, doing some serious touring and ofcourse making some lifelong friends !

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anta bhai,

meet us sometime at dhaba, and just keep posted for meeting this weekend for BN tees (keep in touch with sumeet)

PS: love your wants :D


Kick Some Dirt !
Thanks hitanshu !

As I am new to delhi and its weather. Looking forward to making new friends and riding buddies.
As long as I am kicking some dirt and clocking some kilometers... dont think I am going to miss Pune much.

I am located at Dhaulakuan, Delhi Cantt. Might need some help with directions. Can we post phone numbers on the forum ?


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there are already numbers on the forum. as for this weekend's meet, or the tee collection, add me on gmail: hitanshu.gandhi. will keep you updated. or just see the forum.


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^^What Hitanshu said, expect a big weekend meet once the Delhi gang returns from Ladakh.

p.s. Welcome to BCMTouring.