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Anthony Bading

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Hi Yogesh sir!
I'm quite new to bcm community. I tried to compose my travelogue (still writing), but not sure whether I'm posting it at the right place. Could you please guide me a little?

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100% Petrol Powered
Drive Across India: Chennai - Bhubaneswar

My Purple Cheetah - aka XUV 500 - brought us safely and comfortably to Ginger Bhubaneswar today after a 19-hour drive from Chennai. Rain in varying degrees gave company to us from Vizag to Bhubaneswar.


All the toll plazas from Chennai to Vijayawada are FASTag-enabled and most of them with an exclusive lane dedicated for FASTag users.
After Vijayawada, I paid by cash in 3 toll plazas as detailed below, after which, again I paid by FASTag.

By cash: (1) @ PTD 02/07/17 22:54:52 ₹ 30 (2) @ Kalaparu 02/07/17 23:08:57 ₹ 30 and (3) @ Unguturu 02/07/17 23:55:16 ₹ 80



100% Petrol Powered
Drive Across India: Bhubaneswar - Kolkata Non-Stop

Arrived at Central Bed & Breakfast, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata at 4:45 pm today. We had left Ginger Bhubaneswar at 9:30 am after sumptuous breakfast. Thunderstorm with lightning greeted us from Kolaghat to Kolkata, making the 6-lane highway almost empty except a very few vehicles including P Cheetah.


I paid ₹ 10 by cash at Vidyasagar Setu. In all other toll plazas, I paid by FASTag, either detected automatically or through manual scanning. But, I am yet to get any SMS or see the details in my account summary.


100% Petrol Powered
Drive Across India: Kolkata - New Delhi

P Cheetah has brought us safely and comfortably to New Delhi at 3:30 pm today.


I took 30½ hours - including 3 hours we spent at my friend's home in Nirsa, JH, where we had lunch - to reach my destination as the most of the stretches in WB/JH/BR/UP were bad or rough or full of diversions or dug up for road works, forcing me to drive at a steady 80 kmph in cruise control most of the time. And, I got the best fuel efficiency of 17 kmpl in this trip. :)