Welcoming new BCMT Administrator - Anupama Sarkar

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Dear BCMTians,

As most of you are aware, BCMT founder & administrator, our dear friend Yogesh Sarkar, left this world on 25th Sept, 2019. His void cannot be filled.

Anupama Sarkar, sister of Yogesh Sarkar and sole legal & rightful heir of Yogesh, is now taking over as new administrator of BCMTouring. She also takes control of BCMT social media pages and handles. Her admin rights shall be activated soon.

This comes after discussions & with consent of all 4 moderators of BCMT. We have also decided unanimously that Yogesh's handle on BCMT shall continue as "administrator".

The Staff members of BCMT :
Yogesh Sarkar - Administrator (Honorary - Posthumously)
Anupama Sarkar - Administrator
Amit Tyagi - Moderator
Anup Mathur - Moderator
Salil U - Moderator
Shamik Banerjee - Moderator

Please note, this decision is NOT negotiable or questionable.

- BCMTouring Moderation Team
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