What are the best tourist places to visit near Hyderabad


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Depends on what you like.
There is Badami, Hampi, Horseley Hills, Bidar, Warangal, vijay wada, Nagarjunakonda etc.

India is the land of diversity and culture. It has everything which a traveller seeks for. Here I am mentioning places to visit near Hyderabad:

1. Sri Rama Chandra Temple - Ammapalli

2. Anantagiri Hills

3. Singur Dam (Near Medak)

4. Bhongir Fort

5. Medak Church

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KBR National Park is one of the largest parks in Hyderabad
If you're looking spend time for relaxing K.B.R park is best.
Great park for morning walk/jog.
Although if you just want to take a walk, you can always just use the walkway which is absolutely free. This is a wide walkway surrounding the outer boundaries of the park