What are you reading in this lockdown?


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I dont think a physical book will get delievered in this lockdown.
Try 'An Indian Summer' by Alex Von Tunzelman. It's a well written history of India's events leading to the independence.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
I am checking BCMT mostly.
Many threads have better information and written in a lot baeter manner.
Try YouTube or online web only for travel stories.
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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Travel/Adventure/ Wildlife Related Documentaries

1. I Am Alive ( youtube )
2. Meru
3. Against the Wild (You tube)
4. Seven years in Tibet
5. Into the Wild
6. ALIVE (1993 )
7. The Kalka Shimla Railway (youtube)
8.BBC FOUR - Indian hill railways ( youtube )
9. The kangra valley railway ( youtube )
10. Alaska (You tube)
11. Where the hell is Matt (youtube)
12 K2 The killer Summit (YouTube)
13 Beyond the edge (YouTube)
14 Our Planet (Best Nature/Wildlife series in 4k) Netflix
15 Earth - One Amazing Day (not as good as 14 but well worth our time) on Netflix
16. Air crash Investigations, on Nat Geo. Episodes available on YouTube also.
17. The mountain between us (Movie)
18. 127 Hours
19. Cliffhanger
20. Vertical limit
21. The unsung, documentary on the life at bhadraa, Youtube
22. Everest - Netflix.
23. The secret life of Walter Mitty
24. Into the mind
25. Art of flight (snowboarding)
26. Free Solo 2018 (producer by Jimmy Chin of Meru)
27. The Dawn Wall 2017
28. Symphony on Skis (snowboarding)
29. The Fourth Phase 2016 (snowboarding)
30. Further 2014 (snowboarding)
31. Higher 2014 (snowboarding)
32. Jabardast - You Tube
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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting

These are list of ALL my travelogues:-

Distance is not a true measurement for true love of a father ,
MahendraGiri- Odisha ,

Dream > Explore > Discover =Zanskar & Ladakh Bike Ride, June 2014 ,
Ride to NEHAsthan,
Deomali -highest peak of Odisha & Duduma Waterfalls ,
S 3 |Sohra, Sandakphu & Sikkim


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Top of my favorite books: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo: It was alright, not mind-blowing, but it did make me wanna clean up my closets a bit and I have now trash bags full of clothes to give away. However, a lot of things in her book I won't bother to do nor apply because it doesn't fit me and who I am, and also a lot of things she relates were a bit cringey and questionable, but I could also feel how heartfelt she was about her beliefs. 6/10 Recently, at the end of the school year, i wrote paper about this book. I like to write paper because I believe that an research paper is one of the best ways for students to learn to think critically and express their thoughts on paper in writing, and not just conduct an internal monologue or dialogue. But some may have problems at the initial stage with writing paper. If you need help with writing and proofreading, I would advise you to contact proofreading services UK, in which qualified people who have long been working in this field can help with writing essays or other types of written and with proofreading. They help me write my paper. Bleu Puzzle by Nathalie Dau: a tiny novel of a hundred pages that was extra-fantasist in a good way, even though the writing felt a bit over-the-top for nothing at times. Still an overall pleasant ride though. 6/10 The Woman with the Colt 45 by Marie Redonnet: Another tiny novel of a hundred pages that turned out to be a fresh surprise, the writing style was definitely peculiar yet good and entertaining, following the story of coming of age and independence of a middle-age women during wartime, and I really enjoyed it lots. 7/10
Me, I'm currently having a marathon of Mitch Albom books. I hear about The First Phone Call from Heaven and I really loved it. It was inspirational and the story was great. After that, I tried reading his other books as well. REALLY GOOD. I think he's one of my favourites now.