What are you reading in this lockdown?

I have also been reading novels by Paulo Coelho. He sure has the talent to make you inspire through his books especially The Alchemist. I personally cannot forget what King Salman said which is 'When you want something all in the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it' and I think it the Coelho way of manifesting the things you want to achieve in life. Brida is also a good one since it talks about searching for yourself and learning the other sides of you. Should also definitely add The Pilgrimage to this list as it also tells a lot of realizations.
Just finished reading this one:

Really enjoyed it! Had I been the editor, there were a couple of scenes I might have snipped, and at least one of the prominent secondary characters seemed really under developed. Once I finish my school essay together with the guys from https://www.tоpwritersreview.com/reviews/englishessays/ , I will start another book my friend recommended - "Elsewhere", by Dean Koontz, published just last year. It's about a man and his daughter who end up possessing a device that transports them to different parallel existences.
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