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Sachin Jatkar

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A stirring account of one of the world's greatest empires In December 1525, Zahir-ud-din Babur, descended from Chengiz Khan and Timur Lenk, crossed the Indus river into the Punjab with a modest army and some cannon. At Panipat, five months later, he fought the most important battle of his life and routed the mammoth army of Sultan Ibrahim Lodi, the Afghan ruler of Hindustan. Mughal rule in India had begun. It was to continue for over three centuries, shaping India for all time. In this definitive biography of the great Mughals, Abraham Eraly reclaims the right to set down history as a chronicle of flesh-and-blood people. Bringing to his task the objectivity of a scholar and the high imagination of a master storyteller, he recreates the lives of Babur, the intrepid pioneer; the dreamer Humayun; Akbar, the greatest and most enigmatic of the Mughals; the aesthetes Jehangir and Shah Jahan; and the dour and determined Aurangzeb.



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Finished reading this.

Interesting and gripping. I am astonished at their capability and willingness to go beyond enemy lines to avenge the deaths of their soldiers and civilians. I wish i could say something similar about our armed forces.


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Finished another book on Mount Everest by ED Viestrurs


It is astonishing to read that the author has climbed all the 14 (fourteen) 8000 meter peaks and never ever faced even a minor health condition. He has not only discussed about his journey on mount everest but also from the earlier reconnaissance expeditions to mount everest from 1921 and also talked about other great/pioneering climbers who made some sort of record (like first timer..) not only on mount everest but on other prominent peaks in the world.

Interesting read for anybody having interest in Himalayan 8000 peaks (mount everest in particular).


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Chanced upon the following book and finished this weekend. Going through the book, one come to know about Mr. Gill's illustrious career right from postings in North East (he belonged to Assam Cadre) to Punjab in various capacities during troubled times. By the text in book, he was an exceptional police officer who always led from front and with highest work ethics.


PS: There was no mention of his brush with law on controversy with an IAS lady officer in the book. Overall, the book emphasised his achievements throughout and justified his actions.
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