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Where is the remote?
Done : A beautiful travel book by a son(the author) follows father's dream. It reveals India's and his love for monsoon and his chase from Kerala to Bombay then to Kolkata and finally ending at Cherrapunji. I love anything related to monsoon (except natural disaster, ofcourse) planning to read more on my favorite element of nature.
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Reading : The Nandadevi Affair by Bill Aitken.
Both classics. Also recommended is"beyond the blue horizon" by Frater. A fascinating book


God Loves Bikers
I have this strange habit of reading multiple books at once. Right now, I am reding Irresistible (Adam Alter) , Rupa book of Travellers' Tales (Edited by Ruskin Bond) and The Waste Land (Poetry, T. S. Eliot)


Leh'd and how!
Just finished The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy. The writing was so dark and deep, that I had to take a break. As a result, picked up Sidin Vadukut's latest Bombay Fever earlier today :p

Aashish Walia

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Just finished reading the below book on Kindle. The most interesting part is of prison experience of Kobad Ghandy. He was still in jail when this book was written but I read yesterday in papers that he now has got bail after a long legal battle.