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That was quick. So long ago, I can't remember anything, not even whether it made an impression on me. Same with "Anne Of Green Gables," although I think it might be more enjoyable.
...All those classic English books are good, that period.

btw... r/books seems to be quite good. Considering I don't do what I should be doing anyway, I might as well be reading books.

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I'm about halfway in this. I came to it from a reference in some academia.edu paper. Amazing, intense, so that I read 2 or 3 pages then take a break. Not really a travel book, as such; although it is a daily log, it is more about history and culture and mentality, and sort-of philosophy. Referring to the situations and attitudes that led to WW1, and some illustration of life under the Turkish rule.

PDF, etc. Black Lamb And Grey Falcon Vol-ii(1946) : West Rebecca : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive