What do you look for when booking a hotel?


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Booking a hotel is tricky. Although plenty of options ar valuable in all touristy places, we have to research hard to find. Place which is suitable to our tastes in terms of location (shouldn’t be In a congested place), Architecture and design (should have something about it), greenery and open space, food (very important), interesting owners, rooms (clean and dry), on spot parking etc. since we try and avoid places with too many tourists we are ok with smaller places without pools etc.

When researching, sometimes reviews turn out to be not that great. We recently stayed at a place which had over 250 reviews for “good food”. We soon found out food was standard “restauranty”, rich with oils, masalas and creams in every dish and a limited non inspiring menu. We will probably not stay there again.

However another place (a more private place) served very local and interesting dishes, just like home made, with minimal oils, Masalas, with dishes like ‘pumpkin leaves saag’, ‘banana plant stem subzi’, ‘crushed black watana dal’ etc. we are going back here.

Another couple of places we went to, the owners were very interesting, served great food, had great conversations. We keep going back.

What do you look for when booking a stay?


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Most of us rely on the reviews that are posted online. However, an argument can be made that the reviews are fake. However, I still rely on the reviews to book a stay.

Booking a hotel is a gamble, I believe. However, I prefer to book a property which is at a place that is not too congested. If I can rent a two wheeler when I get there, its much much better deal for me. Parking is big yes. Although most of the hotels give parking, I try to be extra careful when booking in the hills.

Food can always be tried at different restaurants and I am far from being a gourmet. However, sufficient liquor gives me enough courage and I have even tried crocodile in Thailand.

AirBnBs are interesting, I always had the fortune of meeting good owners.

So , summing it up, good reviews, distance from city center (so if I decide to get drunk and walk back to my hotel, the hotel is within comfortable walking distance) and parking. Not a gourmet and unless the food is very bad, I can eat it. I have a weak stomach and I try to eat at places which look like they are serving good food.

Have had 2-3 bitter experiences too, but as I said, its a gamble.

I do have a budget while booking stays. I try not to exceed Rs 5000 per night.


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When I am searching for a hotel, it usually depends on the location and the mood I am in. If I want to travel to a place to get away from the city life, I will search for a hotel that is comfortable, has nature around it and has all the accessories for me to relax. If I going to a city or town where I want to travel and will be out for most of the day, I am not bothered about that bothered about the accessories of the hotel as long as it has a good bed.

Reading reviews is essential as we have no experience of the stay, but it is also essential to filter out review. As you said, you went to a hotel that mostly had reviews on "good food", but what about the rooms? In the end, reviews, photos and price are the deciding factors for me.


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Cancellation policy is surely an important thing to be taken a note of. Rest pics of the property gives reasonable feel of what to expect. Food is certainly we are least bothered of, as we keep trying new food joints wherever we are traveling.


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Preferably near to bypass or road towards next days journey. Clean washrooms (through reviews).Eating options nearby. These are while long road trips. Due to these requirements mostly stick to hotel chains like ginger,fern, lemon tree etc. In many cases have changed night destination for these hotels.

For places like Goa,proximity to beach and nearby eating joints are must.

Safe and on-site parking is number one priority.



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My checklist while booking a hotel:
1. Check reviews of the property but do not trust posted images of the property.
2. Distance of the hotel to famous tourist attractions. If it's walkable, it's better!
3. Clean linens and bathroom (very important).
4. If booked online, I make sure to call the property before arriving to get a confirmation (peace of mind).
5. Clear understanding of all inclusions and exclusions.
6. Check pricing from various websites (booking.com, agoda, Trivago) and then book directly from the hotel (hotels do offer more discounts if booked directly).
7. Meal options.
8. Cancellation policy (IMHO - booking.com has a generous booking and cancellation policy).
9. Parking (Paid/Free)? Where?
10. Early check-in and late check-out.
11. Cloak room facility.