What is Exposure? A Tutorial


First of all, buy a sturdy tripod. Without a tripod you cannot do night shooting.

For camera setting I suggest, keep manual ISO and set it to 200. Set your camera to manual focus, matrix metering and the exposure to Aperture priority. Set the aperture to f/8 and take a trial picture. If you find the exposure over or under, use the Exposure Compensation to correct the exposure.
Thank you Sirji .. i did forget to mention that i do have a tripod and i use that always to take nightscape pic .. i will try the settings u suggest and see how it goes.


Most useful. I wish I had learned this before my Bhutan trip. Would have ended up with better pics. I shot all the pics in Manual mode and obviously I was nowhere close to understanding it well enough to fully utilize the M mode. I guess A priority and S priority would have yielded far better results. Anyway better late than never.

Fully deserved, just rated 5 stars. Thanks Henry.


Excellent Article... Gives in-depth understanding of manual settings & Gives an idea for beginers like me to play with the settings..

I have Nikon D-3100 with Kit lens 18 - 55, i tried to take a Bukeh effect in Aprature Mode but can't get the desired result.. can u suggest the setting to get the Bukeh or a perfect portrait?


Hi Mikun,
It is bokeh, another word for 'Out of Focus' rendering. Usually when shooting portrait one want only the portrait to be sharp and the background to be blurred (out of focus/bokeh). This can be achieved by using large aperture/opening (lowest aperture no. on your lens) and keeping the background at large distance from your portrait.
Example: On your kit lens keep the focal length at 55mm and aperture f/5.6. Keep your subject at 3 mts from camera and see that the background is at least 8 to 10 mts away from your subject.
Shoot and post the picture.


Thanks Sir ji,

Got the basic & tried it... here is the result after some trial shots..:D
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