What is the Road status from Rameswaram to Dhanuskodi?


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Hi Friends,

While researching for one of the road trips to Rameswaram. I thought off to drive to Dhanuskodi with beaches on both side. But as we all know after the cyclone of 1964, Dhanuskodi turned into a Ghost town, with no connectivity.

Only the 4 wheel drives are allowed to drive there.
But recently I came across this

Now, I have the question, is the road opened for public. Or do we still need to opt for 4 wheel drive to reach Dhanuskodi?

Please pour in your inputs.



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even i want to know the status as im thinking of riding till the end point i had read the same article that the road was supposed to be complete by this year. any info on this would be a great help.


I visited the place during Nov last year. You can drive from Rameswaram to near a drop point of Dhanuskodi. It may be around 50 KM, the road are good and very scenic but single lane road.
You can park your ride in the paid parking place.From there you can hop into sharing 4x4 jeep or completely hire the jeep to reach the Dhanuskodi town which is around 4 km ride. In sharing we paid Rs.150/ per head.
The ride will not be comfortable. Even if you are having a 4x4 ride, still I suggest do not take the ride yourself.