What is your brandband speed


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I just tested mine, using internet speed test and it comes to 4.45mbps download and some 5.45 mbps upload. It’s not very good and even Instagram takes a bit of a hit to refresh.

It seems the average broadband download has been falling as per this article.

What’s your boradband speed and experience?

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That measurement is for entertainment only. The Internet speed test finds the closest server and checks your upload and download speeds. In the real world, your data comes from several "hops" (links) and the speed you get is determined by the slowest link. The speed test will give you the speed of the last link and that will usually be higher.

The slowest link may not necessarily be permanent either as sometimes Internet traffic may slow down a link. The real speed of the Internet varies because your data does not always come from the same server and even if it comes from the same server, it may not take the same links. Even if data comes over the same links, the links may not always have the same traffic.

So what you have is a chain and all you know is how strong the last link of the chain is. The real strength of the chain may not be determined by the last link. Even the test selects your server among many competing servers and probably finds the one that does not have a lot of traffic.


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I have 40mbps plan from Airtel maximum in my area , upload is 9 mbps.
But thats just on paper these days , mostly it gives 15 down and 3 up. Have giving serious complaints since October 2020 before that it was stable.
Constant touch with Airtel broadband social media team and ground level team.
Hopefully the line would be upgraded to true fiber network by jan2021 end.
Main point to keep sticking with Airtel is the land line connection.
Keep track of your upstream and downstream in the modem maintenance page. And keep complaining that's what i have been doing and the ground team is supportive. There is something call open profile on Airtel which they have to close from backend to increase upstream rate.

This 40mbps is sufficient for me if it works the way it should be. I complaint bon twitter and facebook to escalate the issue.
Now they keep track of my broadband streams.

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