What makes you scared while driving on roads/highways


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Hi !
Through recent past I have noticed that I have a driving phobia particularly when I see any bike is going ahead of me with his full family with a kid half wrapped in shawl or saree and face of that infant/kid is having tuff time to face that fast passing air,
I feel like if they fall then what will happen to that kid.
Soon I apply break and maintain a ample distance from them until I get a clear pass.
It makes me really nervous sometime.

Many of you definitely must have seen family riding on a bike and riding in a speed without bothering their sides or speed specially near villages, so does anyone have any type of common fear while driving ….pls share.
Thanks !

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I'm worried of the stray dogs and cows that run across the highways. They are literally a menace and the drivers will have no time to react as it happens so suddenly.
I'm worried of the stray dogs and cows that run across the highways. They are literally a menace and the drivers will have no time to react as it happens so suddenly.
seen many accidents.

A BCMTian was also injured few years ago when a stray cow came in front suddenly on a highway.
Now he has recovered...


I'm always scared of others, not about myself! Also, I don't want to get in any kind of accident, even minor, especially with the last one happened to me last year. When my car was hit by another one, I was 100% right and I was sure that the insurance would cover the repair, but when I called the geico phone number they said it was not the case. I then read the same reviews at https://geicо.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html. So now, I'm also scared of scams as well as of accidents.
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Things that scare me-

On Highway:
  1. Unmarked turns and signals
  2. Vehicles with no brake lights (during night)
  3. Rash driving of bikers
  4. Cows sitting/blocking on main roads
  5. Loaded trucks/tractors driving on middle lane.
On City:
  1. People who don't know how to drive.
  2. Rash driving of bikers
  3. e-riskshaws
the list is very long .....


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Mainly villagers who ride bike with max loads including infants in mothers’ lap sitting on bike really makes terror for the car driver as in my case I even feel fear to honk car’ horn fearing if they (infant or mother) fell down hearing sudden sound.

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I totally agree with you, I have the same problem. I am scared to drive when there are bikers near. I'm also worried about the animals like cats and dogs running across the street. I don't want to run over them.


I started experiencing anxiety after the accident on the road. I was riding a bike and the trailer clipped me, leaving a hole in my jersey and a hole in my arm.
Fear is a weird thing. We need it to survive – if we were never afraid, we’d be dead in no time. But too much fear means there is nothing left to live for.
I would suggest starting back gently with shorter rides close to home. If you don't feel happy clipless swap the pedals out until you gain confidence again. It worked for me. When I finally decided to ride far from home, I took the canadian pharmacy anti-anxiety pills to calm down.
What has changed is in my head – only in my head. Getting that feeling of control back became my driving goal, and I'm still working on it.
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