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Prince Moga

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Hi, I recently moved to a new location and so I need to buy a water purifier. I have kids, so I am very cautious about which water purifier to buy, RO or 2 stage carbon filter? My friend has RO water filter, but he says its maintenance cost is very high. Please help me find a suitable water filter keeping in mind my needs.
What type of water supply do you have ?
Is it not clean normally ?
What does water test say ?
Are you in Delhi ?
If Water Purifier is to be used on Municipalilty Water Supply then you need not buy RO Water Purifier.
If it is Ground Water only then RO is required after testing of water properly by a Reputed Lab.

Which RO System or Water Purifier to install ?
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Yogesh Sarkar

Hello Prince, As you said you are in Delhi, the water is not at all clean! So you must have a good RO system!
I am suggesting you 2 ROs which I think are best:

1. Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO and UV/UF Water Purifier

*Futuristic Double Purification
*Patented RO TM technology

2. Blue Star Aristo RO + UV 7-Liter Water Purifier

*6-stage purification process
*System alerts like low pressure, tank full, and purification alert

Install the RO system asap because the water is very polluted in Delhi!