What's this Travel Job? & Where can I find it???


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There's a question for those who've watched this movie called "Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani". Do you remember the guy who accompanies them with their travel and management? His name was SUMER! Do you know what kinda job he had(he's working for MakeMyTrip)? And where can we apply for such jobs at travel companies?

I'm asking this for a friend of mine who applied for a job she's not suited for and said that getting jobs like that (the Sumer one) ain't that easy, I don't know a thing about the job and stuff, but her travel photographs and blog are amazing, she's quite experienced and loves camping a lot! I think if I could help her by telling them how she could apply for this job, she'll be quite happy. At least I wanna do all I can from my side, so can someone please help me?

Thanks a lot for reading my request. You're awesome.
I think it is closely related to travel agencies. I do not know what the profession is called or if it has a name in the first place. I suggest looking up job offers in travel agencies and see the list of responsibilities/duties.