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Are you aware of these tricks and making best use of WhatsApp?
Last Updated: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 18:42
Zee Media Bureau

You may be using the world's most popular instant messaging service, but are you aware of many tricks that you can do with WhatsApp than just sending and sharing messages on it?

Here's all the tricks you can do with WhatsApp:

1. Remain anonymous, maintain privacy

Go to Settings, Account, Privacy, and then tweak your Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status to maintain privacy. However, you cannot hide your phone number.

2. Find out when was your message read

All you have to do is to visit any of your WhatsApp chats, tap and hold on to the chat you have sent, followed by tapping on the option with an icon encircled i.

iOS users can also drag towards the left to reveal a window which will show the time the message was delivered and read.

3. Mute chats

You don't have to switch off your phone from preventing yourself from the constant beep of a chat alert. You can mute that particular chat by tapping on the chat of your choice, and clicking on to the right icon with an option of muting the chat or group chat.

4. Get shortcuts to your chats

You can create a shortcut of the chats of your favoured contacts on your home screen so you don’t have to keep opening and closing WhatsApp.

Just tap and hold on the chat (group or individual) of your choice on your Android phone, a tab will pop up for you to select the chat for putting on the homescreen. The option is not available for iPhone users.

5. Stay selectively notified on group chats

Tap on the group, go to Group Info and then Custom Notifications, and assgn a cusom notification to the group.

6. Back up data

The option of saving the chat history on iCloud automatically is available to iPhone users. And if you want to back up only a few select chat histories, you can do it by click on the chat , then on the user name and finally email the conversation to yourself.

Android users can go to 'Settings', 'Chats', and select the 'Chat backup' option, which will let you setup an automatic Google Drive backup.

7. Link your app to just one number

If you put a put new SIM in and activate WhatsApp, you’ll be asked to register the new number. You may just cancel the prompt and your WhatsApp will work linked to your old number, while using your new data SIM.
Deleted messages on WhatsApp? Know how to recover it
Last Updated: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 09:38

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Instant messaging service WhatsApp has become the part and parcel of our lives. But sometimes we are so engrossed in fiddling with it that we delete a message only to realise later that it was by mistake.

It must have happened to all of us at some point of time that we mistakenly deleted an important message and kept repenting over it.

But if you know these simple tricks, you can easily recover your deleted messages.

Follow 5 simple steps and learn how to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp.
Download Android data recovery software

First of all download Android data recovery software on your phone. After downloading the software, launch it on your phone.

Connect with PC

Now, connect your phone to the personal computer as soon as you see the program on window.

Enable USB debugging

Now, enable USB debugging on it. In a few while, your phone will be detected by the PC. Let it check your phone data. However, you must be very careful while doing this on public computers. If left unchecked, it can be prone to malware.

Data scan

When the PC completes checking your android phone, it will seek your permission to scan data. Allow it to do so and tick the lost data you want to recover.

Data recover

Now, you can preview the lost data and recover all the messages you want.

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Know how to use WhatsApp without phone number
Last Updated: Monday, April 25, 2016 - 09:28

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Instant messaging service WhatsApp has become the part and parcel of our lives. But do you know you can also use this service without having to give your phone number?

Try these steps and you should be able to use WhatsApp without phone number.

1. At first uninstall WhatsApp on your phone.

2. Now again download and reinstall WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

3. Keep your phone on flight mode so that all the messaging services are blocked/stopped on it.

4. Now put any number you like on your reinstalled WhatsApp. This will let WhatsApp accept your number but it won't be able to send any message to you for verification

5. However, without verification, user will not be allowed to use WhatsApp. So WhatsApp will ask for an alternate process. Click for 'Verify through SMS'. Here you can give your email id.

6. Now click the set button and immediately click the cancel button. This will stop the authorisation process.

7. Now install the 'Spoof text message'app.

8. Now, fill in the details when you complete the above mentioned process

TO: +447900347295

From: + (country code) (mobile number)

Message: Your email id

9. Now your details will be sent to this number and you will be able to use WhatsApp without your phone number.

First Published: Monday, April 25, 2016 - 09:17

2 Whatsapp in 1 Android Phone without any ROOT (hack).

It has own limitations.
Keep these limitations in mind.
You may not be able to make calls from/on whatsapp.
You may have to increase your memory.
You may compromise on privacy with third party involved.

Dual Whatsapp using Disa App (New Method)

We are back with a new method using which you can run two Whatsapp in one phone easily. Disa is an alternative of 2 Lines for Whatsapp but best part of this APK is that there is no need of rooted android device (like 2 Lines for Whatsapp app). Disa is basically a messenger which we can use to run multiple whatsapp accounts in one phone. So, let’s move on to the procedure of Disa app now.

How to run multiple whatsapp accounts using Disa app:
Let’s move on to steps to install Disa app in your android phone using Disa app now.

  1. First of all, download and Install Disa app from this link. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.disa
  2. Once, Disa app is installed, click on Open button now.
  3. Click on + icon and Select Whatsapp.
  4. Enter your second number now and Verify it using any call or message verification method.
Enjoy dual whatsapp service by using Disa app now.
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2Lines for WhatsApp
Grey bird Soft Productivity

Do you have several mobile phone numbers?
Do you own two WhatsApp accounts and carry them on different cell phones?

2 Lines for WhatsApp allows you to use WhatsApp with different mobile phone numbers on the same device!

2 Lines for Whatsapp will save every WhatsApp account info you have and restore it automatically when you switch from one to another without needing registration or waiting for SMSs every time.

USE ON YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY!! Greybirdsoft won't take responsibility for any lost or corrupt data on your WhatsApp app. This app doesn't have any relationship with the Whatsapp inc.

Many tricks for installing many whatsapp on a mobile are available on android platform.

Multiple profile is available on latest android only.
Text Formatting in whatsapp

Much like other apps that support formatting text, you simply add a symbol to either side of the word or phrase you wish to format.

  • To bold something, add an asterisk to either side of the word: *bold*
  • To italicise something, add an underscore to either side of the word: _italics_
  • To strikethrough something, add a tilde to either side of the word: ~strikethrough~
  • You can combine any of these options together simply by adding the relevant symbols to either side of the word or phrase