When gods call up.. We land at an Island


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Hello BCM'tians..
Last day of the year.. Very gruesome and painful year.. Apart from the pandemic showing its might, time has been even more cruel this year for me.. Loss of father, valuable family life has caused immense pain for me.. Still, some power (I believe in the almighty) has given strength to my knees and kept pushing me forward all these tough times.. As posted earlier, I was searching for a job just to get out of this comfort zone which i was enjoying since past 13 years.. Initially was planning to go somewhere uphill into the mountains and destination un-known.. But he has got some other plans.. Instead landed me at an Island, which was never ever on my cards.. not even in dreams.. I hate being surrounded by water.. Seriously a big NO.. Snow was a better option for me.. Finally, destiny took me here.. The Andamans.. I was sceptical initially fleeing to an island.. But took a chance.. And yes, i was proven wrong in all terms regarding this place..

Come.. Let me take you to a roller coaster ride.. Welcome to my diaries of the Mighty Andamans.. Tradition being tradition.. Let me start with a teaser
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03rd of November 2021.. Festive time.. Streets glowing up with lanterns.. Diwali it is.. That happened to be the day of my arrival.. Took a flight from Hyderabad to Kolkata and then to Port Blair the next morning.. As i always encounter, never a journey of mine has been without a thrill.. May be i keep looking towards making it eventful rather than a boring stuff.. Reached Hyderabad Airport in the afternoon much before the take off as i was having a shit of time staying back lonely at room.. At the airport, met 2 girls much younger to me.. Such an inspiration they were, true gems.. I wish girls be like them.. They were travelling all alone to Delhi for getting an admission into college.. Kudos kiddos.. I have got first shot of booster confidence meeting you.. Boarded flight, landed at Kolkata's Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International (????? true) Airport at 8.40pm.. Airport was more of a fish market with fleeting people, flocks of groups sleeping on ground.. Never imagined an airport as such picture.. Its a disturbing view altogether..

Quickly took my side, reached a peaceful corner, grabbed a beer and took my space.. By the ways, my connecting flight to port blair is at 5.30am in the morning.. Completed the sips followed it up with a sandwich (Vegan I am) and dozed off on a waiting chair.. Shit comes from every possible side, this time its in the form of mosquitoes.. Literally no sleep night after a tiresome day :mad: .. I, me and my ticking watch were only the companions.. Kept waiting for announcement to check in.. Logged the day off with a hard push of smile wishing and greeting the flight staff.. I'm pissed off but still a HAPPY DIWALI.. Log off..


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04th November 2021.. Clock ticked 4am and much deserved announcement for boarding of flight has come in.. Never in my life i thought that an announcement will give such immense happiness for all the embarrassment i have been undergoing the previous night.. Quickly boarded the flight and dozed off for good two and a half hours washing out my wish to watch the aerial view of the island..

7.30am - Landed at Port Blair and the first impression of andamans has swept me off very liberally.. That freshness in air im taking in.. That salty pep of sweat.. Bright sun.. Crystal clear skies.. Lush green till the end of my sight.. 1. I was proven wrong.. Welcome to the Andamans

Checking at Veer Savarkar Airport was pretty strict due to pandemic and i ain't god to skip such, just a petty human after all.. Got transported to nearest hospital for a Rapid Test as i wasn't vaccinated.. Lesson 1:- Irresponsibility costs you millions of trillions.. While my fellow passengers are happily moving around and checking out, I sat with my hand on my chin, looking clueless for a doctor to arrive for test.. RAT done - proven safe - ran out like a freed cheetah.. Visuals of Port Blair, the grand old city and the fort of the british reminded me of Kerala.. Much similar to typical south indian culture.. What's in breakfast ?? Dosa, Coconut chutney, Tomato Pickle and ofcourse sambar.. More than enough for my starving belly and sleep striving soul.. World is awake and cracking up the first bright diwali post pandemic depression, but I'm sleepy.. Not an ideal start for a Nomadic.. Good Night in the brightest of a festival morning..

1st snap of island follows.. Fasten the seat belts and brace up.. Lovers of greens - This one is for you .. Cheers


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Very interesting beginning to the journey. Looking forward to see your perspective of green (and how it changed).

Looking forward to updates!


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So.. What made me write this.. Just a small prelude before going in.. As far as I am concerned, this isn't just a travelogue with loads of dozens of pics nor a cheeky goofy write up.. It is more a diary and a life for me.. Why a life ?? Don't know.. Why a diary ?? Don't know.. Why is it the Andamans ?? Don't know.. Where is life taking me to ?? Don't know.. I was hit on a wall at main land like a ball and fell here at an Island.. As quite as simple as that.. This relocation is what i never asked for.. This war is what i never expected.. I am just rolling like a stone in a stream, going wherever it is taking me to..

Continuing from where I have paused..

Gone the diwali.. Gone are the crackers and lights.. Then I came to see the tranquil of this petty island.. Empty roads, shut shops, almost no habitation.. For once, I have feared of getting here.. In the next splash, a thought conquered my brains.. Is there any room for fear in a place where Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose have governed !! Gone are fears.. With tons of thoughts and loads of hope went into sleep, unknowingly.. Even before I completed counting the number of thoughts I have got in my brains, Sun arose.. Checked my watch and surprised to see the time.. Its 4.30 AM.. Went out for a walk to check if some thing is opened.. Alas ! nothing.. Came back, got fresh and ready to report at office Day 1 at new work place.. Got introduced to colleagues and fellows, all good, or may be I was infusing too much positivity into me.. Does that really matter ??


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A view from my apartment.. Litres of green tea i have consumed & number of books i have read with this view as my companion are countless..
Blues one side with unending waters, reason for such blues - the greens of trees one side.. What one can explain about this sight.. Bliss of godly nature !!


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Getting back to past...

First day of office was followed by a sunday.. Time to explore.. Last night i was thinking what to see in andamans ? Most popular kaalapani ? Visit Havelock ? Bask in Ross & Smith ? Explore Sagarika Museum ? A mud volcano ? Dozed off with such many thoughts in my brain..

Woke up with bright sun rays.. Realised its time to do something different, explore something un-explored, experience the tranquil and enjoy the silence.. searched google and many more travelogues.. Nah ! All filled up with same old things which i have said above.. Went for a breakfast to satisfy the rats running in belly.. After a short discussion with the runner, i found out that something which can quench my thirst.. All requirements met.. Took a bike for rent, with a pillion behind who's my room mate, the march has started towards that divinity.. Where ? How ? Will be explained later.. What ? I found finally follows.. Now pics speak better than words, i feel so..

Fallen Tree says.. Human will born, rise, rise, rise but ultimately fall at the end..


Sun Rise & Set we often do hear.. But Sun stays at the same point, its we who revolve.. Picture perfect perspective to enjoy the shades..


The greens.. My perspective towards it, have changed alot post my arrival to this abode of andaman.. A color cannot be attributed to a religion.. Saffron for a hindu.. Green for a muslim.. White for a Christian.. Nope.. All these colors have been given by the only one.. Lets not get divided by the sake of color, its the least possible we could get down to..



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Andamans.. A place where you can find peace, to be precise, where you can rest in peace.. The land where Raja Raja Chozhan have trained the tribals to revolt.. Land where Indian revolters have been succumbed to death, also called as Kaalapaani..Land where freedom struggle evolved to a maximum extent..

Andaman - Not an island -not a mere tourist spot, but a glimpse of freedom which we are enjoying now..

Come visit along with me through pics..

Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyaara.. Jhandaa Unchaa Rahe Hamaaraa.. Salute to the heroes



Any mere words to describe these stuff ? Hola !!

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Krishhie... You are keeping all of us entertained with an in depth philosophical thoughts and vivid history of the place. Keep writing....=D>
and I love history and anthropology.