When gods call up.. We land at an Island


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What to say Tilak Bhai.. Every one doesn't want to be philosophical.. But life and time are the ones which keeps us hitting behind to react proper, respect others & live a human..


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So... It started like that, hence keeps resuming like that.. albeit with thrills here and there.. Novel stuff

When sun shines, make your day is the slogan of main land.. Here, when sun shines, immediately wash your clothes and let them dry up.. Haha ! Rains continues for a minimum 11 months and 29 days out of 12 months a year.. Greens again.. are the result of such.. A sinking ship doesn't need an anchor is what engineers say.. I say, whether it sinks or not, anchor gives a ray of hope.. perspective changes..

Collinpur.. 32km from port blair.. 32km in main land takes 32 mins to reach.. If its andaman and with rains, takes 2 hours on a 2 wheeler.. But worth it.. Beauty at its best.. Calm, Peaceful, All strangers, Non - stranded, Said Crocodiles, but didn't see one.. Disappointed to say, but lucky to be honest .. I fear of reptiles, but ended up at a land of reptiles.. what fun !!



Tale never ends.. it contiues..


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Getting to historical and heroics..

This particular land is where the great of the greatest freedom fighters have been sent to.. They have been jailed, tortured, hunged.. what not.. Brutality is a petty word..

Their shoes were licken.. Their shit was cleaned.. Their ***** (Can't be termed) have been sucked.. They didn't leave us though !!

Comes a Hero named Netaji.. ( I mean *Asli Netaji*).. Named Bose.. But actually the boss.. Did what other couldn't.. Guess what it is !!

Served as Governor, Made Contacts, Formed Groups, Framed Tactics, did whatever could be done for one final war for independence.. "The freedom and independence we are enjoying today is not a LOTTERY, but a HISTORY" written with Golden Hands of Blood Spilling Martyrs..

Study the memorial installed carefully, you would know the importance.. While Julian Walah Bagh is done on an open note, Cruelty at Kaalapaani was always under dark..





Taking a different route from what almost every one does at andamans after arrival, I did went in search of these on my very first Sunday.. Salute to the heroes


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Past to Present.. 1943 to 2022.. Anything changed ?? I don't think so ! Whom so ever witnessed a change are welcome to express.. But not about buildings, roads, flyovers & metros.. Im talking about civilization.. An ape became a human, started behaving a human, thought of taking legacy forward to next extent, alas ! remained an ape at heart finally..

We speak about the so called great transformation.. I'll give you a quote "Life changed, habitats changed, but heart is still an Ape.. #Manasu Kothi Ra Rama"

Eco-Friendly Environment, where Apes are allowed, Human not.. !! Listened to reverse-aging, but this is reverse-genating & generating.. Quite Interesting..


Why i post some crucial pics reverse mode ?? I wan't you to see them turning your heads and on a different perspective !!

Apologies for the IN*ner*convenience caused if any..
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Okay Okay Okay.. I'm back and how ? Stronger than before.. Reason for my absence - COVID illness.. Thanx COVID, at least i have got ample rest because of you..

Would like to say that ANDAMAN is a maniac.. It smits you off, won't let you leave, will not let you stay.. True Democracy !! Why ?? Because it is..

My journey and my venture to this island has always been rotten right from day one..

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