Which alternate safe route to follow delhi to rishikesh during law as yatra

Dear friends . I am going with family to rishikesh mid July. At same time kanwad Yatra will be on when NH 58 will be closed. Pls suggest best alternate route which should also be safe travelling with family.


Full Use Else Lose
During Kanwar yatra Haridwar is inaccessible to general public.
To reach Rishikesh, you have following safe (but longer) routes:

1) Delhi >> Samalkha (on NH1 towards Panipat) >> Shamli >> Saharanpur >> Dehradun >> Rishikesh (300KMs & 9 hours drive)
2) Delhi >> Loni >> Bagpat >> Badaut >> Shamli >> Saharanpur >> Dehradun >> Rishikesh (300KMs & 10 hours drive)
3) Delhi >> Gajraula >> Bijnor >> Kotdwar >> Left from fork at "Dugadda" >> Rishikesh (400KMs & 12 hours drive)

Regular NH58 is just 260KMs and 7 hours drive.

My suggestion would be to opt either #1, or #3.
#2 is not a very popular route.
AND, if feasible use train to reach Dehradun, and hire a cab for Rishikesh.
Or, change your period of travel! :)