which camera to buy for beginners under 27k?


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Dear Sir,

I already googled it..... but here all are great photographers so i preferred to asked from you.... :)
Yes, of course !
But you asked the members to tell you in detail.

Thats like asking your classmate to prepare notes for you for an upcoming test or better put, copying your best friends notes coz one failed to make them for himself :D

Better way would be, study yourself, go through the load of knowledge strewn across the web, then ask the great photog's here for your doubts.
That would make you learn better. ;)

Now for the filters, simply put, UV filter is a lens cover. Definitely recommended esp for the expensive lenses which come with Nano coatings.
ND filters are Neutral Density filters. They cut light. And come in 'stops' and gradations and many sizes and can be cheap to very expensive.

Until you understand the Exposure triangle, using the ND filter will be difficult or say tricky.

Dont fret over these advance equipment. First recommended is learning the basics.

And thanks for appreciating the snaps :)
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