Which Camera to Buy? Shortlisted - Nikon 3300, Nikon 5100, Canon 1200 D, Canon 600D




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I want to purchase a kit lens in place of my old 18-55 (damaged due to fall recently) for my D5200. Please suggest which lens to purchase 18-105 or 18-200. Is it ok to buy a used one. I do have 35 mm Prime only now.


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Sir i have d5200... i want to buy a lens... which il be the better ome.. 55-250 or 50-300..?

I love to capture senic beauty...
Dear friend the lenses you mentioned is not proper equipment to capture scenic beauty. They are tele zooms to click distant subjects... obviously you can click some landscape but quality will be less. Go for wide angle like Tokina 11-16 mm or from Nikon ( pricey ) . I would suggest you to buy Nikon 18-140 mm vr. Otherwise if you have kit lens 18-55 mm go for 55-200mm VR to satisfy your urge.


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Tell me also about used lens, how can I ensure it is good.
I have many old glasses and that's what I check while buying

#compatibility :as i am into nikon system hence that's not much of a problem unless you are going for pre Ai era. But for other users, for instance Canon, fd lenses will not focus to infinity on ef/efs bodies. So take your camera body along and test first hand.

#give the lens a shake to ensure that no moving parts of loose elements are there.

#check that no fungus / haze etc are there.

#minutely check front and back elements for loss of coating.

#shoot at different f stops to ensure that the aperture is not stuck or playing heavy.

#rotate the focusing ring so that to ensure that it is smooth.

#check for body dents, taps etc. Carry a filter with you and try to attach it. Many old lenses have bent filter rings and that's a real pain.

#don't buy distance / online unless the seller is known ( I have found out the hard way).

#If an AF lens , check for AF accuracy wide open and stopped down both. Carry a laptop to check that , don't rely on LCD.

#If a VR lens check if that works.

#Check the condition of the switches / selectors and see if they are loose/wobbly/stuck

Last but not the least, check the images not on camera lcd but on a laptop screen. If the images come out well, even if there are fungus, dents etc you may go for the glass and most probably you will get a good one at a great price . Most of lenses will have some dust inside so that doesn't matter much. But don't buy lens with fog or haze. Have I covered everything?