Which Camera to Buy? Shortlisted - Nikon 3300, Nikon 5100, Canon 1200 D, Canon 600D


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For all purpose photography the Nikon Coolpix P900 is excellent. 83x optical zoom lens, enables you to shoot landscapes, portraits as well as birds.

The fact one needs different kinds of cameras and lenses for different needs.

I keep a FujiFilm XPro1 for candid, Street, travel and landscape have a Nikon D850 for birding and wildlife (I do that a lot). If I had more money I would want a medium format or large format for portraits and urban architecture kind of stuff. But it’s too much stuff to carry all the time. A vast majority of time I carry the smaller Fuji then see one exotic bird and worry why I didn’t get my other camera. Or when I go birding, have a long lens, but see nice landscapes and struggle KP to keep changing lenses in dusty windy outdoors.

So for beginnings a general purpose P900 is excellent.

Quality of images depends now on the photographer and her skills.
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