Which LCD TV

Congrats ! Man .. and yet again the saying proved " OLD IS GOLD " .... CRT's still rule ... :)
Thanks buddy for everything you posted in this thread. It was very informative. :)

Congrats on your purchase, Ashish! :)

Wish the 'woofer' models were available still; then there is hardly any need for an add-on sound system with the TV!
Thanks a lot sir. Even i dont think that i need any add on sound system with TV. Sales person at Croma tried really hard to sell one samsung Home theater system, but i was not in mood.

Congrats Ashish
Thanks YS.

Congrats !! You decided finally !!

Alas, we all failed !! ;)
No amit bhai. It was the based on suggestions of everyone. i decided to go for CRT as i felt that clarity and economy of CRT is unmatched. thank you anup sir once again.

that's good.and quite a good price too.:)
yes. i am satisfied with the price, hope that it'd prove to be a good deal.