Which LCD TV

When will you start regretting having bought the CRT?!?
Kind of budget that i have, i feel that buying a CRT was the best decision. :)

Ashish .. review :confused:

Yup waiting for one
hmmm. Till now its amazing. I am running it with Airtel DTH. I am yet to explore full functions of this TV but picture and sound quality is excellent. i dont think that one day is sufficient to give any satisfactory review (was very busy last week).

Will update it after some time.

Yogesh Sarkar

Visited an electronic shop today, was kind of taken aback by the pathetic picture quality of all the LCD TVs which were running there. From pixelization in the background and also to some extent on the player’s faces, to completely fake field color (over saturated and contrasted green color which kind of match the color of lightly colored tennis balls).

Don’t know how people can actually withstand such colors and why do they actually end up spending money on such pathetic displays!