Which Medical Insurance?



I have never bought a Medical Insurance before. Want to buy one now.
Please share any personal experiences which can help me in deciding what is the best bet for me.
What things should i keep in mind?
I am terrified by stories of companies not honoring claims in case of urgency.

A cover of 50 Lakh should be enough for both for us?

Me and my wife (both aged ~ 30 yrs)


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You can choose mediclaim from ICICI or Max Bupa or Star health.Check for 'ihealth' from ICICI Lombard, and Family'Heart beat from Max Bupa. Offering good benefits also their claim settlement ratio is also good.

50L of cover would be tooooo much,instead you can have within 5-10L cover of both of you and Critical illness cover may be for 2-4 L for you only.

Suresh Babu

Medical Insurance getting is very easy, but to know the hidden costs and tricks is very difficult until otherwise faced.
There are so many companys offering insurance, but with respect to your location and availability of hospitals are very important.
Ask them to provide complete coverage of hospitals list.
Make sure there is cashless claiming without delay.
Hidden costs like 80:20 basis rate any your policy for medicines and fees.
For diabetics the coverage will be after two years from commencing of the policy for Appolo insurance.
Major illness covered like bypass, heart surgeries, diabetic surgeries , kidneys etc.
Ankur as of now you are staying in singapore, your employer will cover medical insurance for you and your family.
Hardly you can utilize insurance services at this young age.
Only for your parents it is mandatory.
For me i prefer Max Bupa or AXA bharathi Insurances.
My company provide me Bupa insurance with VIP facilities coverd all over the world where we travel.
Need to know all benefits before applying the insurance.

Let pioneers in this filed may ealbaorate more.