Which Mobile service provider is best for Touring


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Today there are many mobile service providers network but which is best for Touring purposes.

Service providers:

(1) Airtel
(2) Vodafone
(3) Reliance CDMA
(4) Reliance GSM
(5) Tata CDMA
(7) BSNL
(9) Aircel
(10) MTS
(11) IDEA


(1)Which plan is best in prepaid while touring?

(2) Best Network coverage ?

(3) Free or cheap Local & National SMS ?

(4) STD Calling ?


What I peronally feel is that BSNL has high coverage in North. There are various more provider coming up. but BSNL coverage is there in most of the places.




(1)Which plan is best in prepaid while touring?
Life-time prepaid(Anant scheme) until and unless you have excellent network in your area and you intend to use the number as regular number. One recharge compulsary in every six months for the number to continue.

(2) Best Network coverage
BSNL, In my recent char dham trip no other company(except Reliance) had network coverage in higher reaches. Everyone was happily chatting while for us the phones were nothing more than brick.

(3) Free or cheap Local & National SMS ?

Rs 1 Local and Rs 1.5 National per sms. Rs 2 per sms while roaming.

(4) STD Calling ?
Rs 1.50 Flat.

Yogesh Sarkar

BSNL any day, though if you are heading to Ladakh or North East, you need a post paid connection in order to avail roaming there.


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Ya reliance network team are putting more and more towers in less range areas so to provide good network for both CDMA & GSM


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BSNL is best when comes to touring.

The only reason I din't get myself a BSNL while going to tours was that I already had a 'company paid' Airtel Postpaid connection.


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BSNL does have coverage in remote areas but voice clarity is a big issue with them.

I've used BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone & have finally settled with Reliance ... due to its "Value for Money" service. (They've offered me a retention plan under which... Rent - 50 bucks, M2M - 0.30, M2L - 0.60 & STD 1.0 ;) )


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Another vote for BSNL. Heck,it works even when you are lost in middle on nowhere.

Tariff packages they offer is pretty good(may vary state to state)

The only issue is,it wont work properly in middle of the city;)