Which Mobile service provider is best for Touring

Yogesh Sarkar

It is the same with MTNL :D, my Mamaji has it and jokes that the reason it doesn't works inside home is because it is a "mobile" phone :D


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I guess best should be combination of one GSM (BSNL indeed got most votes here) and one CDMA (Tata is cheapest on Roaming I guess).
Moreover you'll also have a backup, if battery go kaput.
In Delhi I keep combo of Vodafone (M2M .30, M2L .30) and Virgin Mobile (Using tata Network and also pays you for incoming, though network is nothing gr8 to talk about)


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Sorry for my limited knowledge, What does MTS stands for and what is the coverage area ? Never heard about it here in North.


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BSNL...Any remote village in the Western Ghats will have a Panchayath Katte(stage) around a BSNL Tower...He he he.


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MTS is a Russian Telecom company having both CDMA & GSM operating in Rajasthan, and recently started in Kerala & Tamil Nadu.


I think Airtel also is not bad unless we talk about extremes, it is good in most of Himachal.

So if its purely for Touring, than MTNL is best, but if its mainly for daily uses and for touring, Airtel is good