Which Navigation Software Have You Used?


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since we all love to go on long rides, navigation tools are critical. Which ones have you used and would recommend?

I have used :

Google Maps : nice and detailed but pain in the ass for not having a good offline mode. Excruciatingly painful when the navigation app tried to pronounce lengthy road names confusing you, instead of saying 'take the third right' which is simpler. But good for last mile location hunting sometimes.

Nokia Here Maps (now called Here WeGo): Much better thanGoogle maps for navigation. But kind of slow in search. Doesn't work too well in offline mode though you can download the entire country, but use in online mode still, as it seems some places and points may not have been downloaded.

Navimaps by MapMyIndia on phones: By far the best I have used. Have driven over 55000 km using this and loved it. May lack some last mile details but for that I sometimes use Google. This one is fast, accurate and directions are clear.

Would love to know your experience with Garmin/TomTom or any other ones.

Yogesh Sarkar

Google Maps: These are my default choice, I often download maps of the area I am planning to go to and it works fine after that. Still, searching can be-be an issue in offline mode.

Sygic MapmyIndia Maps: Paid for these, before they become free. Stopped working one fine day on my mobile phone, haven’t bothered to install them since. When they used to work, they worked fine, as long as you spelled things exactly the way they are written, otherwise search can’t find them.

OSM Maps: I rarely use them, mostly to find unknown roads at palces which do not have any network coverage. Useability isn’t as good as that of Google Maps.
I love Google Maps.
Offline maps you have to download.
If your mobile has strong GPS sensor then it can work good in offline mode too.
Specially I like my Redmi 3s prime.
I can have almost everything on it in comparison to 15k + mobiles.