Which ND filter


Basically, the vari ND filter are comprised of two circular polarize, when turned they increase the density. This is fine upto certain point, after that there is banding visible.
Also the color cast is an issue.
You can manage vari ND filters on video if you are not looking to go to extreme density i.e above 6 stops to avoid banding. Also, only if you are not going to shoot video with out ND filters for the same scene. Because latter it will be very difficult to match the color cast of the clips with and without ND filters.


The Rambler
I've been recently reading lot of good reviews about "Breakthrough Photography" ND filters... Has anyone else heard of them? are they really that good? and my query is - for a landscape pictures, which stop ND filter to buy (6 or 10 stops) and which brand is best color neutral? I wanna capture sunrise/sunset in beaches, blur waterfalls in broad sunlight... that is all!!!
Hi All,

I got an opportunity to try out the ND filter I spoke about as one of my friend got it for his use:)


Yogesh Sarkar

Both seem blurred and out of focus, also it seems like you are stopping down to f18 or less?

There seems to be purple cast as well, so it would be a good idea to shoot in RAW and do colour correction later.