Which Search Engine Do You Use


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Sure, fair enough.
I always like exploring alternatives. And often I find alternatives to be as good of not better.

Like the award winning baseline for Avis Car Rentals (which at that time was No.2 in America and just couldn’t grow from there): “When you are number 2, you try harder”.
This campaign made them really grow.


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This is how DuckDuckGo makes money.
Thanks for that. Good article, explains a lot.

[...]The intersting thing is if I search for something on DuckDuckGo, I don’t see ads relevant to that in my email, on FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
But if I search for something, let’s say a lens, on Google or even Amazon, I start seeing ads related to that lens all across my emails and social media.
So I guess DuckDuckGo works.
Google scans email text, and Hangouts text. So it's [probably] better not to say anything that could incriminate you.

Keep an eye on what Youtube suggests to you [on the right side of the page]. Most of it is clearly related to what you have watched before, but there is more to it than that, you also see some weird stuff that seems to be completely unrelated.


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I don't really get bothered by the ads that are served to me, in fact, at times, I just close the ads which I don't want to see again.

Personally, I dont have any issues with it.

I have made it a point that googling my name doesn't reveals anything. I dont use FB, Twitter or any other social network for that matter.
Yes, I have checked it sometimes.

Ads don't bother me. ...But so far I know, it is more a thing on phones.

The whole facade of Google Invading a user's privacy is a bit exaggeration, it seems to me.

I also have seen staff from Duck Duck Go , writing answers on Quora, telling what a big devil Google is.

Well, I don't think it's true.

I need results, and quick, and I just "Google" it.
:) It's Fb that is the big devil.

Social media (really just FB) is what can be used to get a profile of you. Ads and tracking for ads is not an indication, even if it is associated with personal identity information.

I will try DuckDuckGo again, maybe...I will see how much slower it is, if I can adapt to that. But I am not really motivated to do it.


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I will try DuckDuckGo again, maybe...I will see how much slower it is, if I can adapt to that. But I am not really motivated to do it.

Yep, unless I am running a marijuana factory at my home and people are snooping on the internet to find out about me, I am not much bothered about the privacy issues.

I have used Tor browser too, on Linux.

I use VPN and I also run a server on an Imac running linux.

Although, there is one thing that I make sure that I do, I never discard my old phones and laptops.

Have lots of the hardware ( laptops/android device/iOS device/MacOs) that I never sell or discard. i just store them in my office after wiping them out for 4-5 times.

As long as my job's getting done, its a win win. Win for me and for Google too.


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“Google scans email text, and Hangouts text”
True. But I also get ads on my domain name emails running on shared servers. Those emails ar often used as log in of various websites.
Any way this is about search engines.

I always felt search engines need a tab (just like images, web, maps etc) called “personal blogs” or something like that.
When I search for a product or place, let’s say “quaint home stay in Shimla” I am inundated with all the behemoth travel sites like tripadvisor, ixigo, ibibo, make my trip etc for many pages. (Same for “stereo shotgun mics”).
While those results ar much welcome, I am more interested in well written personal experience of bloggers.
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^^^ [More OT, but...] Yes, tripadvisor sure gets around. Actually the reason I came here yesterday - after a few weeks away - was that I got email from theuntourists, couldn't remember anything about it but saw the address Mumbai so I searched the forum. :)
Well, the search engine I use is Google. Well, I find it more comfortable to use compared to other browsers. Also tried using Microsoft Edge, it is a great one but I always keep coming back to Google Chrome. Also been using Safari because you do not have to worry about getting lost while searching for something because the actually google app seems to have bugs. Maybe it is just me, I don't know. Well, I'll just stick with google chrome for the meantime now. Will try the other browsers soon.