Who Am I ???


Datla Ramesh
Hello to All BCMTians,

Let me Introduce my self.
Name: Ramesh Datla
Age: 59.
Present Location: Visakhapatnam, AP

Occupations Past & Present: Design Eng, QC Eng, Project Eng in Ship building & Offshore platforms building. Master (Captain) & Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) for Deep Sea semisubmersible Drilling Rigs in various parts of the world. Took Early Retirement in 2016 as OIM. Enjoying my life now Trvelling / Trekking in Himalayas and Farming ( part time).

Family: Married and have Son & Daughter (married and settled).

Vehicles Used: Isuzu V-Cross 4x4, Maruti Swift, Honda City, Honda Activa & Bajaj chetak.

Travels / Treks: Many places in Uttaranchal, Himachal, J & K and Nepal. I didn't count my travels in many other countries, as all those are short duration during my travels to and from work. Just completed Deo Tibba & Chandrakhani pass treks in one go in June.

Travel plans for this year: EBC, Sandakhphu treks and Drive from Visakhapatnam to Ladhakh and back in my new V-Cross 4x4.

I had been visiting BCM Touring for last 8 years and kept me connected to my favourite community during stay away from home in High seas. The information shared by all the members in this forum was very useful during my many travels to Himalayas. I am thankful to all contributors of this forum, specially to the great Admin members.
Even though I was member of this forum from 2013, I didn't contribute any to this forum till now and I wish to correct this by starting to share my travel / trek experiences from now on.

Once again A Big Hello & greetings to all BCM Tians.
Ramesh Datla


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Hello, Ramesh! Welcome to BCMTouring! :) ... from a retired shippie (CE), now almost 66 of age (since we are age-dropping and not rank!!).

Nice to see a long time lurker finally taking the plunge and posting!


Datla Ramesh
Thank you Anup ji. I had read through most of your Threads on this forum with great interest, specially your journeys to far shores and photos of life on a merchant vessel. Hope to meet you in person someday.
Yes I am glad that I took the plunge (even though a little late).

Thank you Pushpinder Ji. I didn't keep log of my travels, but I hope to retrieve some details from my small memory and will surely try my best to share my bit soon.

Thank you Akash for your warm welcome.