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*एक अच्छी कविता प्राप्त हुई है, जो मनन योग्य है।*

जाने क्यूँ,
अब शर्म से,
चेहरे गुलाब नहीं होते।
जाने क्यूँ,
अब मस्त मौला मिजाज नहीं होते।

पहले बता दिया करते थे,
दिल की बातें।
जाने क्यूँ,
अब चेहरे,
खुली किताब नहीं होते।

सुना है,
बिन कहे,
दिल की बात,
समझ लेते थे।
गले लगते ही,
दोस्त हालात,
समझ लेते थे।

तब ना फेस बुक था,
ना स्मार्ट फ़ोन,
ना ट्विटर अकाउंट,
एक चिट्टी से ही,
दिलों के जज्बात,
समझ लेते थे।

सोचता हूँ,
हम कहाँ से कहाँ आगए,
व्यावहारिकता सोचते सोचते,
भावनाओं को खा गये।

अब भाई भाई से,
समस्या का समाधान,
कहाँ पूछता है,
अब बेटा बाप से,
उलझनों का निदान,
कहाँ पूछता है,
बेटी नहीं पूछती,
माँ से गृहस्थी के सलीके,
अब कौन गुरु के,
चरणों में बैठकर,
ज्ञान की परिभाषा सीखता है।

परियों की बातें,
अब किसे भाती है,
अपनों की याद,
अब किसे रुलाती है,
अब कौन,
गरीब को सखा बताता है,
अब कहाँ,
कृष्ण सुदामा को गले लगाता है

जिन्दगी में,
हम केवल व्यावहारिक हो गये हैं,
मशीन बन गए हैं हम सब,
इंसान जाने कहाँ खो गये हैं!

इंसान जाने कहां खो गये हैं....!
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न जाने क्यों महसूस नहीं होती वो गरमाहट,
इन ब्राँडेड वूलन गारमेंट्स में ,
जो होती थी
दिन- रात, उलटे -सीधे फन्दों से बुने हुए स्वेटर और शाल में.

आते हैं याद अक्सर
वो जाड़े की छुट्टियों में दोपहर के आँगन के सीन,
पिघलने को रखा नारियल का तेल,
पकने को रखा लाल मिर्ची का अचार.

कुछ मटर छीलती,
कुछ स्वेटर बुनती,
कुछ धूप खाती
और कुछ को कुछ भी काम नहीं,
भाभियाँ, दादियाँ, बुआ, चाचियाँ.

अब आता है समझ,
क्यों हँसा करती थी कुछ भाभियाँ ,
चुभा-चुभा कर सलाइयों की नोक इधर -उधर,
स्वेटर का नाप लेने के बहाने,

याद है धूप के साथ-साथ खटिया
भाभियों और चाचियों की अठखेलियाँ.

अब कहाँ हाथ तापने की गर्माहट,
वार्मर जो है.

अब कहाँ एक-एक गरम पानी की बाल्टी का इन्तज़ार,
इन्स्टेंट गीजर जो है.

अब कहाँ खजूर-मूंगफली-गजक का कॉम्बिनेशन,
रम विथ हॉट वॅाटर जो है.

सर्दियाँ तब भी थी
जो बेहद कठिनाइयों से कटती थीं,
सर्दियाँ आज भी हैं,
जो आसानी से गुजर जाती हैं.

फिर भी
वो ही जाड़े बहुत मिस करते हैं,
बहुत याद आते हैं.


5 December 2018

Three new PAN card rules come into effect from today; here are the details


Dec 5, 2018 3:16 PM

The changes in the Income Tax Rules, 1962, have already been notified by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) in a notification on November 19, 2018.

The Department of Revenue has put into effect new rules with respect to Permanent Account Number (PAN) from December 5 to check tax evasion and allow more options to the taxpayers. The changes in the Income Tax Rules, 1962, have already been notified by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) in a notification on November 19, 2018.

The crucial changes that came into effect from today are as follows:

1. A resident person other than an individual - such as Hindu Undivided Family, firm, charitable trusts, association of persons, body of individuals, a local authority or company - who enters into a financial transaction amounting to Rs 2.50 lakh or more in a financial year and who has not been allotted any PAN, shall apply for one by May 31 of the next financial year.

2. A person, who is the managing director, director, partner, trustee, author, founder, karta, chief executive officer, principal officer or office bearer of the entities mentioned above or any person competent to act on behalf of such entities, and who has not been allotted any permanent account number, shall apply for one by May 31 of the financial year following the fiscal in which the specified entities enter into financial transaction worth Rs 2.50 lakh or more.

3. Mentioning father's name in PAN card applications filed will not be mandatory for applicants whose mother is a single parent. Also, the revised application forms 49A (for Indians) and 49AA (for foreign nationals) will have the option for all applicants to choose whether they wish to have their father's or mother's name on their PAN cards. In case no option is selected in the PAN application form, the father's name will be shown on the PAN card.

Three new PAN card rules come into effect from today; here's all you need to know
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WhatsApp Dark Mode: What it is and when it is launching
By: FE Online | Updated: December 4, 2018 5:40 PM

2018 has been the year when tech companies including bigwigs such as Google and Apple stressed how important it is to cut down some time from smartphones. Soon after Facebook began rolling out the feature that lets users check how much time they spend on its app and Instagram. The idea is to make sure people make the use of technology while also taking their health into consideration.
Another feature that is highly demanded by many users is Dark Mode, which gives users a more comfortable experience while browsing a website or an app in the dark so that eyes don’t get stressed.
WhatsApp, the most popular chat app in the world owned by Facebook, was long rumoured to be working on a dark mode for its app on iOS and Android. However, according to WABetaInfo, the dark mode on WhatsApp is still in the making, which means that the company would take some extra time to roll it out.
Read | WhatsApp now on TV: Facebook-owned company launches TV campaign in India against fake news
In a tweet, WABetaInfo said: “It’s still under development and there is no news now.” WhatsApp has not officially said anything on whether the dark mode is being developed for the users. In any case, WABetaInfo will be the first to report any further developments, going by its record for tracking WhatsApp-related news.
Facebook is already pushing out tools that aim to improve the digital health of users by letting them check the time they spend on the apps. Last month, the company rolled out ‘Your Time on Facebook’ tool to allow users to keep a check on the time, in addition to set daily limits. Instagram also shows the time users spend on the app.
WhatsApp recently rolled out new features such as new interface and method to initiate group calls. This update came after the Facebook-owned app launched Stickers on its platform. The WhatsApp Stickers became very popular within a short time, so much so that the Google Play store was overloaded with the Sticker apps. Meanwhile, Apple removed several Sticker apps on the basis of policy violation.

WhatsApp Dark Mode: What it is and when it is launching
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Senior Billi
They have established the concept of *fake news*, now they will develop the means of approving declaring news/stories to be fake.


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Google launches a Rs 500 JioPhone competitor called WizPhone WP006, not available in India yet

The new Google phone looks like a feature phone, similar to the JioPhone, but comes with KaiOS and some smart functionality including Google Assistant


Looks like Google is now getting into the feature phone market. Or rather the market for a feature phone but with some smart functionality. The company has launched a new phone, which has a rather weird name, called the WizPhone WP006. This new Google phone looks like a feature phone, similar to how JioPhone looks, but comes with KaiOS and some smart functionality including Google Assistant that can be given voice commands.
Now, if you think that the WizPhone WP006 is too similar to the JioPhone, you are right. It does look like, and probably works like, the JioPhone. It is powered by the same KaiOS that also powers the JioPhone and the JioPhone 2. And just like the JioPhone, the WizPhone WP006 also supports apps like WhatsApp that have been made specifically for KaiOS.
For now, Google has launched the WizPhone WP006 only in Indonesia. But it surely looks like a pretty big deal because one of the senior Google executives, Scott Huffman, launched the phone at the company's GoogleForIndonesia event. The WizPhone WP006 has been priced at IDR 99,000, which roughly translates to around Rs 490 in Indian currency. In other words, the WizPhone WP006 is a $7 phone.
The WizPhone WP006 is a feature phone but with some smart functionality built into it. Just like the JioPhone, the WizPhone WP006 supports 4G connectivity. it also comes with special version of WhatsApp installed on it, and its users will be able to summon Google Assistant on WizPhone WP006 with voice commands.
"Google has also been instrumental in this launch by ensuring their digital services operate on the WizPhone via the KaiStore, so consumers have access to a suite of Google apps, including the Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Search. Further, the Google Assistant works in Bahasa Indonesia, bridging the digital divide by allowing users to easily access the internet and apps through voice," KaiOS said in a note to media.
The WizPhone WP006 comes with 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, a 2.4-inch screen, 2MP rear camera and VGA front camera, 1800 mAh battery and Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8905 chipset.
For now, there is no word on if Google will also bring WizPhone WP006 or a similar phone to India. But from what we can see, the WizPhone WP006 looks like a phone not made by Google but blessed by Google with its service. So in India, it is possible that the company may not launch another feature phone 4G support given the fact that we already have JioPhone and the JioPhone 2 available. Instead of launching a new phone, Google may work with Jio to add its service to teh JioPhone.
But if Google indeed brings something the WizPhone WP006 to India, that will give tough competition to the JioPhone. While largely people prefer to buy a smartphone nowadays, many people in India can only afford a cheap feature phone, or may require a secondary phone for calls etc. For these people a phone like the WizPhone WP006 that costs Rs 5000 from Google will surely be a viable purchase.

Google launches a Rs 500 JioPhone competitor called WizPhone WP006, not available in India yet

Competition ?
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WhatsApp users this police gets power to read your messages


Dec 5, 2018 10:13 PM

Sydney/New Delhi, Dec 5: Australia is mulling a strict law that gives enforcement agencies power to track messages on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram that offer end-to-end encryption and also to force users to open their smartphones when demanded, a media report said.

The controversial encryption bill comes amid allegations of encrypted platforms facilitating spread of rumours, hate speech and even criminal activities like child trafficking and drugs businesses.In countries like India, messages circulated in WhatsApp have been linked to several lynching cases, forcing the government to ask platform to take suitable preventive action.But the new Australia bill also raises privacy concerns as under the proposed legislation, the Australian government agencies could compel companies to build spyware.

The proposed laws could force companies to remove electronic protections, assist government agencies in accessing material from a suspect's device, and in getting technical information such as design specifications to help in an investigation, News.com.au reported on Wednesday.Critics have slammed the bill for being broad in scope, vague and potentially damaging to the security of the global digital economy, the report said, adding that a Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has been scrutinizing the bill.

The laws will help security agencies nab terrorists, child sex offenders and other serious criminals, Australia's Attorney-General Christian Porter was quoted as saying.About 95 per cent of people currently being surveilled by security agencies are using encrypted messages, he added.The spying powers are limited to only "serious offences" such as preventing terrorism and tackling organised crime in Australia, dailymail.co.uk reported.In a statement to IANS, WhatsApp said it cares deeply about the privacy of its users.

"WhatsApp cares deeply about the privacy of our users and we remain committed to providing end-to-end encryption," a company spokesperson said on Wednesday.WhatsApp has challenged government attempts to curtail the use of end-to-end encryption in the past, most notably in Brazil.


WhatsApp users this police gets power to read your messages
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