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How is this any different from Play Music, which is already in India?

It will be same after sometime.
They are trying to tap this market with new and successful name.
Youtube Music will be almost same but Youtube Music is a video service.
Maybe something will be made it like select to audio also as a choice.

YouTube Music: Everything you need to know
YouTube Music is here — and it's packing the biggest music library in the world.
27 Feb 2019 131

That's what I like

YouTube is one of the most-viewed websites on the planet, and by far the most popular video platform today, so it's no surprise that millions upon millions of users turn to it every day for music. It's the default platform for music videos — especially viral music videos like This is America and Girls Like You — and it's also a place to find just about any song, remix, mashup, or fan cover you could ever want. Whether you're looking for lyrics to a song before karaoke night, music to sleep to, or a new remix to play at your next party, YouTube has what you're looking for.
Now, YouTube is ready to make another run at a music app built upon their video empire with YouTube Music. It's a music app with a truly unique interface, an unparalleled selection, and more than a few kinks to work out, but YouTube Music is here to stay and here to compete.

The latest YouTube Music news
February 27, 2019 — YouTube Music added as option for music alarms in Google Clock app
Waking up to music always beats waking up to some annoying alarm tone, and while Spotify has been an option for Google Clock's alarms for months, none of Google's music apps have been an option. That's changing with Google Clock's newest app update, which adds YouTube Music integrations for alarm tone options!
WOO HOOOOOOO— sorry, I've just been waiting for this longer than YouTube Music has existed.
The update allows you to set YouTube Music songs, albums, and playlists as the wake-up sound, but best of all, you can set your alarm to "Your Mixtape" which will wake you up with new music you love every day. The update is slowly rolling out, and I for one cannot wait for it to hit my devices, as this will make alarms on the road away from my Google Assistant speakers far more pleasant.
February 19, 2019 — At long last, Android Auto support comes to YouTube Music

Cue Handel's Messiah and testify, fellow drivers, because one of the most demanded features for YouTube Music is finally here! Android Auto support has arrived with version 3.03, and it. Is. GLORIOUS.
I like NickelbackAA YTM controls
Okay, the layout is a teeny bit weird when you go looking for something new to listen to, but hey, Android Auto support is here and I can finally stop bouncing back and forth between YTM at the house and GPM in the car! Woo hoo! You can navigate through the Playlists, Albums, and Liked Songs in your library and you can dig through Last Played or Recommended, but the Your Mixtape option get top billing, as it should because Your Mixtape is awesome.
LibraryMain MenuRecommendedListen Again
The update should be rolling out soon to users, but if you don't want to wait — I know I didn't — there's a cryptographically signed APK available on APK Mirror that will let you get Your Mixtape on Android Auto in time for your morning commute.
Now to keep poking the YouTube Music dev team with a stick until they fix YTM's absolutely messed up casting limitations...
January 30, 2019 — YouTube Music is now available on Sonos speakers

Starting today, you'll be able to stream YouTube Music on your Sonos speakers. The partnership will let you stream playlists, albums, and access YouTube Music's entire catalog of songs provided you subscribe to YouTube Premium or Music.
November 27, 2018 — YouTube Music and YouTube Premium get discounted student plans
Whether it be Spotify, Apple Music, Hulu, or something else, most streaming services these days offer some sort of discounted pricing for students. YouTube Music and YouTube Premium previously didn't offer anything along these lines, but that's changing today.
Student plans for YouTube's two services come with all of the same features but at around half the cost. A student subscription to YouTube Music is $4.99/month instead of the usual $9.99/month whereas YouTube Premium is lowered to $6.99/month compared to $11.99/month.
As part of a special promotion to celebrate the new plans, students that sign up by January 31, 2019 can get YouTube Premium for even cheaper at just $5.99/month.
September 21, 2018 — Audio quality controls roll out to Android and iOS apps
YouTube Music has been waiting on a number of features, and none more impatiently as audio quality controls. YouTube Music has an amazing selection, but until now it's been stuck at 128kbps. Today, YouTube Music has pushed out audio quality controls to both the Android and iOS apps, seemingly as a server-side update as they appeared without an app update in the YouTube Music app on my Galaxy S9+. There are audio quality settings in three places:
  • General: Audio quality on mobile network — Low, Normal, High, Always High
  • General: Audio quality on Wi-Fi — Low, Normal, High, Always High
  • Downloads: Audio quality — Low, Normal, High
"If you stream at Normal quality, you are getting 128kbps AAC as your bitrate. For premium subscribers, we offer High quality which is 256kbps AAC. If you have flaky network connectivity or want to save data, you can switch to low quality which is 48kbps HE-AAC. 256kbps AAC is equivalent in audio quality to the 320kbps CBR mp3 that we had for GPM, but it uses less data. Right now we don't have any plans for audio quality higher than 256kbps. Our deals would require us to charge more to stream FLAC, so at this point we are focused on improving performance rather than supporting lossless streaming." — YouTube Music Product Manager Brandon Bilinski
Read more answers from the YouTube Music Q&A
September 20, 2018 — YouTube Music Product Team holding Q&A on September 21st
YouTube Music pledged to bi-weekly updates back at the beginning of August and more transparency, but 6 weeks out and very little seems to have changed. There are still tons of questions swirling around the revamped music service, and to help assuage concerns the YouTube Music Product Team is holding a Q&A session Friday morning at 9:30AM PT.
You can submit your questions for the team right now on the event thread of the official YouTube Music Help forum. There have already been a flurry of questions posted, especially around the migration of Google Play Music to YouTube, Android Auto support and library sort options, which are two features that the YouTube Music team said were coming "in the next few months" back in July.
Go ask a question for the YouTube Music team to answer
August 29, 2018 — YouTube Music Premium expands to 4 more countries
As the YouTube Music Premium rollout continues, it's now been confirmed that the service is available in four additional countries. Specifically, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands!
Similar to other parts of Europe where YouTube Music Premium is available, the service costs €9.99/month and 99 kroner/month in Denmark.
August 1, 2018 — YouTube Music plans bi-weekly update schedule, reconfirms some coming features
YouTube Music has a lot of bugs to fix and features to add before it can begin to truly compete with Spotify or begin migrating Google Play Music subscribers over, and while those updates will take time, we at least have something of a timetable for when YouTube Music will be receiving updates.
YouTube Music product manager Elias Roman tells Engaget that the service plans to push out updates for the service every two weeks. Among the changes Roman confirmed:
  • An album sorting option beyond recently added
  • A drop-down menu option to filter out musicians you follow on YouTube Music from the main YouTube Subscriptions feed
  • Low/medium/high audio quality settings for streaming and downloads (coming in a few weeks)
Roman was also quoted as saying that "We are not focused on exclusives. We don't believe exclusives are good for the industry or good for consumers." This makes sense for YouTube Music given that everything available on YouTube Music is available on the main YouTube app to both paid and free users, which would make exclusives available to everyone.
July 17, 2018 — Google promises Android Auto support, better sound quality, SD card support, and more with future updates
There are plenty of areas in which Google can improve YouTube Music, and thanks to the team behind the app, we now have a short list of features to expect in future updates.
Over on the YouTube Music Help forum on Google Support, the YouTube Music team says that the following features will be available in no particular order over the coming months:
  • Better audio quality, and ability to select the quality for downloading and streaming
  • Sonos support
  • Android Auto support
  • SD card support for Android
  • More obvious shuffle vs. play-in-order options for playlists
It's unclear when exactly all of this will be available, but the option to save downloaded songs to an SD card is rolling out now.
June 18, 2018 — YouTube Music is coming to 12 new countries and becoming available to all inside the original "Early Access" countries

YouTube has opened up YouTube Music to 12 new countries , as well as ending its awkward and often confusing "Early Access" period and making the service available to everyone in its original five countries.
This brings the number of countries YouTube Music serves up to 17 — Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States — and with the new YouTube Music also comes the new YouTube Premium pricing system.
May 23, 2018 — Your locally owned songs from Google Play Music will transfer over to YouTube Music… eventually
Upload your own music

Google wants all of its Play Music subscribers to migrate over to YouTube Music at some point in 2019, and to help make that process as seamless as possible, the company's confirmed that some of Play Music's best features will be coming to the new YouTube Music — the biggest of which is a music locker for storing copies of song you locally own.
This news was recently confirmed by Google to The Verge, with the Head of YouTube Music saying on Twitter that "Your collection, playlists and preferences from Google Play Music will be preserved at migrated to YouTube music for a soft landing."
In addition to having a place to store music you already own, YouTube Music will eventually allow you to buy new songs that you can add to your collection.
May 22, 2018 — The new YouTube Music is officially here!

Just like we expected, YouTube Music's new app and desktop site officially started rolling outon May 22. Google says the new look is currently in "early access" and is gradually becoming available for folks in the U.S., Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.
To access YouTube Music, you can download the app from the Play Store or hit up the desktop site at music.youtube.com. If you're not seeing the changes quite yet, be sure to check back frequently to know when you've been graced with Google's good wishes.
All the big details
The service starts at $9.99/month — but no one should pay that
Go Premium

There's no real sugar-coating it: using YouTube Music as a free user on Android is bad. There are ads every three to six songs, and you can't leave the Now Playing screen, so it hogs your screen and your battery. YouTube Music is worlds better when you unlock its paid features. YouTube Premium is absolutely worth paying for.
YouTube Music Premium, however, is not.
For the love of Duarte, buy YouTube Premium instead of YouTube Music Premium
Where is YouTube Music Premium available?
If you're still interested in checking out YouTubeMusic Premium, the service is currently available in the following countries:
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
What's happening to Google Play Music? Where's my likes and playlists?
Old vs new

Google wants all of its Play Music subscribers to migrate over to YouTube Music at some point in 2019. That means YouTube Music will be adding most of Google Play Music's tentpole features — the biggest of which is Google Play Music's free 50,000 song music locker.
What does YouTube Music mean for Google Play Music
That said, Google Play Music and YouTube Music's libraries and catalogs at the moment are completely disconnected and there's quite a bit that has to happen before that can change. The library migration is a long ways off, but in the meantime, Play Music users get two music apps to play with instead of one. So which one should you use?
YouTube Music vs. Google Play Music: Which should you use?
A mixtape full of promise
Zero to Hero

YouTube Music is built on a gold mine. YouTube is not only the most used video platform in the world, it might be the biggest catalog of professional, semi-professional, and amateur music available in the world. This isn't the first time Google has tried to capitalize on this, but this time is different. YouTube's music team has finally gotten its act together and made us all a mixtape full of promises.
But can it follow through on them?
YouTube Music review: A mixtape full of promise
Getting started
Get your library built

YouTube Music is an adjustment from traditional music services — especially because it is based around video rather than audio — but thanks to the Google's search prowess and downright uncanny predictions and recommendations, getting used to Google's newest music service should be as painless as possible. And since it's built around years of your YouTube history, YouTube Music already knows you better than you think.
Getting started with YouTube Music
Going offline
Download something

Networks fail. Your plane says it's going to have Wi-Fi, but nope. You get stuck in the car with your parents in the middle of nowhere, and you're outside cell range, and the radio stations are nothing but static and muffled AM country. Having music to listen to when you offline is important, and when the music service you're using is based around video — which eats data like nobody's business — how you save your music for offline playback is even more important.
How to download music for offline playback in YouTube Music
What is it missing?
I'm all alone and I need you now

YouTube Music is a brand-new service — albeit one built on an old app of the same name — and like most things that are shiny, new, and different, there are a lot of bugs to be worked out. There are a lot features that are still missing — from basic audio quality settings to more complicated endeavours like gapless playback and library management — and we've got a handy list of what's missing and when we could maybe see some of it.
On that note — YouTube Music's library does not include every video on YouTube, nor does it include every song and album on Google Play Music right now.
What YouTube Music still needs
Making the most of things
There's somethin' holding you back

YouTube Music is "Early Access" right now, which means the service is essentially a beta and it is definitely buggy. While time and updates will fix some of those bugs, there are some things you can do to make the most of its current state.
6 tips and tricks for using YouTube Music
Also, even if you've never used YouTube Music before, it has years and years of your YouTube history to work off of. That means that YouTube Music could already have a good idea what you like, or it could have things completely wrong because you've mostly used YouTube to pull up music when your nieces are over or you're hosting a party for your country-obsessed friends. Here's how to help YouTube help you with better suggestions.
How to improve YouTube Music recommendations
Can it dethrone Spotify?
YouTube Music Premium is meant to compete with Spotify Premium

Spotify has spent the last decade building up a loyal user base, building algorithms that few companies can even begin to touch, and building up a reputation as the best brand in streaming music. YouTube, however, is one of the most used sites on the internet, period, a selection you can't find anywhere else — a selection that will be absolutely unbeatable in the future — and Google is bringing its best algorithmic game with YouTube Music.
It's still early days, but YouTube Music will be enough to dethrone Spotify soon?
YouTube Music vs. Spotify
Updated August 2018:Added a new section for where YouTube Premium is available.

YouTube Music: Everything you need to know

YouTube Music vs. Google Play Music: Which should you use?


YouTube Music, YouTube Premium Officially Launched in India, Pricing Starts at Rs. 99 Per Month
Gaurav Shukla, 13 March 2019
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YouTube Music, YouTube Premium Officially Launched in India, Pricing Starts at Rs. 99 Per Month

YouTube Music Premium subscription starts at Rs. 99 in India

  • YouTube Music apps are available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Google Play Music subscribers gets free access to YouTube Music Premium
  • YouTube Premium subscription starts at Rs. 129 a month
YouTube Music (ad-supported), YouTube Music Premium (ad-free), YouTube Premium (ad-free) have been launched in India. With the launch, India's music and video streaming space has become even more crowded and now includes all major global providers as well as several home-grown services. Both YouTube services were originally introduced in June last year in seventeen countries, including the United States, and have taken over eight months to reach the Indian shores.
YouTube Music and YouTube Premium join Google's already available Google Play Music and Google Play Movies services and will be taking on a host of competing streaming platforms in the country. Interestingly, YouTube Music has been expanded to the country just days after the launch of Spotify, which was involved in a legal dispute with Warner Music over licensing rights in the country.
According to YouTube, YouTube Music will be available both as a standalone mobile app and a Web-based desktop interface that is designed for music streaming. The service offers original songs, albums, thousands of playlists, and artist radio as well as YouTube's own catalogue of remixes, live performances, covers, and music videos.

YouTube Music subscription plan, offers
The company is offering two tiers of the service — YouTube Music, which is free/ ad-supported, and YouTube Music Premium, which is paid/ ad-free, like most other music streaming services in the market. YouTube Music Premium subscription will allow the users to play songs and videos in the background with the YouTube Music app while they do other things on their smartphones, something that is not available in standard YouTube experience. Additionally, the paid subscribers will also get offline downloads.
YouTube Music Premium subscription has been priced starting Rs. 99 a month. There is also an introductory offer of three months free subscription for YouTube Music Premium, but it will only be available to the users who have never previously tried or used any of YouTube or Google's music streaming services.
The company is hoping to build on the back of the already massive YouTube following in the country, which regularly uses the streaming service to listen to music. India's love for music comes as no surprise for the company, which has seen T-Series, a music label and movie production house from the country, almost overtake PewDiePie, the biggest YouTuber in terms of subscribers. T-Series' YouTube channel primarily uploads music videos and movie trailers.

"India is where the multi-lingual music scene thrives. It's interesting to note how Indian artists have consistently claimed top spots over the last few months in the Global YouTube Top Artists chart," said Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music, YouTube, in a statement. "With YouTube Music, we are hoping to bring the best in global and Indian music to millions of fans across India, and give them an immersive music experience, with the magic of music on YouTube."
YouTube says that the paid subscribers of Google Play Music will automatically get access to YouTube Music Premium and they don't need to pay anything extra. The YouTube Music app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be download from the app stores of the respective platforms.
YouTube Music will be going head-to-head with the likes of Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, and Gaana in the country. Almost all of these services, except Amazon Music, have paid plans starting Rs. 99.

Moving on to YouTube Premium, the second service being released by the Alphabet-owned company, it will be available to the Indian subscribers for Rs. 129 a month and includes a free membership to YouTube Music Premium. In addition to the YouTube Music Premium benefits, YouTube Premium subscribers also get access to YouTube Originals like Cobra Kai, an ad-free experience with background playback of videos with the regular YouTube app, and offline downloads.
YouTube Music Features Vs YouTube Music

YouTube Premium vs YouTube Music Premium

Given the limited catalogue of the original content on YouTube Premium, the service is not really a competitor to any of the video streaming services like Netflix or Prime Video and will only look enticing to the consumers who want to enhance their YouTube watching experience with ad-free and background playback, more than getting any extra content.

Access to YouTube Premium doesn't require any separate apps and the regular app can offer the ad-free experience and other benefits depending on the subscription status of the user.

Google Brings YouTube Music, Premium Subscription Services to India
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Two Boys, Snatching An I-Phone And Catching The Location With Apple Watch.

आईफोन छीनकर भागे, ईंटों के बीच दबाया लेकिन स्मार्ट वॉच ने पकड़वा दिया

आईफोन छीनकर भागे दो बदमाश कुछ ही देर में अपने सामने पुलिस को देखकर हक्के-बक्के रह गए। स्मार्ट वॉच के जरिए उनकी लोकेशन ट्रैक हो रही थी। बदमाशों ने फोन को छत पर ईंटों के बीच में छुपाकर रखा था, लेकिन वो पकड़े गए और फोन बरामद कर लिया गया।

विशाल आनंद, नवभारत टाइम्स | Updated:Mar 13, 2019, 12:24PM IST

  • आईफोन छीनकर भागे बदमाशों को ऐपल की स्मार्ट वॉच ने पकड़वा दिया
  • पीड़ित ने स्मार्ट वॉच पहन रखी थी, जिससे मोबाइल की लोकेशन पता चल रही थी
  • पीछा करते-करते पुलिस को पीले रंग का स्कूटर दिखा, जिस पर वारदात के वक्त बदमाश सवार थे
  • दोनों ने छत पर ईंटों के बीच में मोबाइल छुपा रखा था, लेकिन लोकेशन ट्रैक होने की वजह से वे पकड़े गए और मोबाइल भी बरामद
नई दिल्ली
एक चार्टर्ड अकाउंटेंट (सीए) से आईफोन छीनकर भागे दो बदमाश कुछ ही देर में अपने सामने पुलिस को देखकर हक्के-बक्के रह गए। उन्हें पता नहीं था उनकी लोकेशन के बारे में पता चल रहा है। सीए की कलाई पर ऐपल वॉच थी, जिससे मोबाइल की सटीक लोकेशन पता चल रही थी। इस आधार पर सीए और पुलिस उनका पीछा कर उन तक पहुंच गए। आरोपियों में से एक लड़का नाबालिग है।

सीए और पुलिस लोकेशन ट्रैक करते हुए एक शॉप के पास पहुंचे। उन्होंने इधर-उधर देखा तो पीले रंग का स्कूटर दिखा, जिस पर वारदात के वक्त बदमाश सवार थे। उसका इंजन भी गर्म था। दुकान में दोनों लड़कों को देखकर सीए ने पहचान लिया। उन्होंने आईफोन को छत पर ईंटों के बीच छिपाकर दिया था, पुलिस ने उसे रिकवर कर लिया।

पुलिस के मुताबिक, 53 साल के सीए सुनील मल्होत्रा परिवार के साथ पश्चिम विहार इलाके में रहते हैं। ईस्ट पटेल नगर में उनका ऑफिस है। सोमवार दोपहर करीब साढ़े बारह बजे वह ऑफिस के बाहर टहल रहे थे। दाहिने हाथ में उनका आईफोन था। गोपाला टावर की तरफ से उसी समय पीले रंग के स्कूटर पर दो लड़के आए। उस पर नंबर प्लेट नहीं थी। लड़कों ने हेल्मेट पहना हुआ था। अचानक उनके हाथ से मोबाइल छीनकर लड़के प्रसाद नगर की ओर फरार हो गए। सुनील ने 100 नंबर पर पुलिस को कॉल की। कुछ देर बाद पुलिस टीम मौके पर पहुंच गई। लुटेरों को इस बात का इल्म नहीं था कि जिस मोबाइल को वह लूटकर भागे हैं उसकी लोकेशन से वे कुछ ही पल में पकड़े जाएंगे।

पुलिसकर्मियों के सामने सवाल यह था कि लूटा हुआ मोबाइल और लुटेरों का पता कैसे लगे। सुनील मल्होत्रा ने तुरंत पुलिसवालों को लुटेरों की लोकेशन बताई। उनकी कलाई पर ऐपल वॉच थी, जिससे मोबाइल कनेक्ट था। मोबाइल की लोकेशन सुनील को वॉच पर मिल रही थी। इससे पता चला कि उनका मोबाइल बापा नगर, करोल बाग में है। सुनील पुलिसकर्मियों के साथ बापा नगर पहुंचे। उन्हें पीले रंग का स्कूटर दिखा। स्कूटर के मालिक के बारे में पूछताछ हुई। दुकान से मालिक आ गया। उसने कहा कि स्कूटर बेटा और उसका दोस्त लेकर गए थे। पुलिस ने बेटे को बुलाने के लिए कहा। लड़के आने पर सुनील ने उसे पहचान लिया। उसके दोस्त को बुलवाया गया। उसे भी टी-शर्ट के आधार पर पहचान लिया गया।

लड़कों ने बिना देर किए बता दिया कि आईफोन घर के पास ही पुराने खाली पड़े क्वॉर्टर की छत पर ईंटों के बीच में है। सुनील की वॉच में मोबाइल की लोकेशन भी क्वॉर्टर की आ रही थी। पुलिस ने दोनों की निशानदेही पर मोबाइल बरामद कर लिया। आरोपियों में एक नाबालिग है।

Delhi Blue Line Metro Robbery: यात्रीगण कृपया ध्यान दें! दिल्ली मेट्रो की ब्लू लाइन पर कट रही हैं सबसे ज्यादा जेबें


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फर्जी कस्टमर केयर नंबर, फिर फांसते थे शिकार

विस, नई दिल्ली : ऐप के लिए टेक्निकल सपोर्ट देने के नाम पर ऑनलाइन ठगी करने के एक इंटरनैशनल गैंग का भंडाफोड़ हुआ है। दिल्ली पुलिस की क्राइम ब्रांच ने पीतमपुरा में चल रहे कॉल सेंटर पर पर छापा मारकर गैंग के छह मेंबरों को गिरफ्तार किया। इनके कब्जे से सिम बॉक्स, 28 सिम कार्ड, 106 हार्ड डिस्क, चार सर्वर, 2 राउटर्स और 7.40 लाख रुपये कैश रिकवर किया।

अडिशनल कमिश्नर (क्राइम ब्रांच) राजीव रंजन के मुताबिक, मास्टरमाइंड केशवपुरम में रहने वाले मोहित बंसल समेत रैकेट में शामिल रोहिणी के उदित, पीतमपुरा के यशवंत सिंह, हरि नगर के गुरनाम सिंह, आश्रम के रोहित चौहान, सफदरजंग एनक्लेव में रहने वाले फोकरेनी को गिरफ्तार किया गया है। ये लोग ऐप के लिए टेक्निकल असिस्टेंट देने के नाम पर ठगी करते थे। ये लोग कस्टमर केयर नंबर सर्च करने वाले लोगों को फर्जी नंबर मुहैया कराते थे। विदेश में रह रहे इनके साथियों के जरिए वो कॉल भारत में ट्रांसफर हो जाती थी। लोग बातचीत के दौरान इन्हें सिक्योरिटी कोड और अपनी पर्सनल डिटेल भी दे देते थे। कस्टमर की तरफ से दी गई जानकारी को भारत या विदेश में अपने ब्लॉकर को देते थे। इसके बाद ये लोग चीन से ऑनलाइन भुगतान हासिल करते थे और फिर इस पैसे को दिल्ली में ट्रांसफर करवाया जाता था। इनके जाल में भारत समेत कई देशों के लोग फंसे हैं।

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