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How you went... Means jaise gaye kaha kaha gaye

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Kedarnath Ji...
Badrinath Ji...
2 places.
Triyugi Narayan Temple was Bonus visit.
Couldn't cover Mana Village due to bad weather.
Rain started when we got free.
Snowfall was visible from Badrinath ji on the peaks nearby.

Went on Honda Amaze.
Sedan was ok to cover the route.
Got some under belly kisses dur to construction and ups and downs on road.
Roads are in construction phase on NH 334 and char dham project will take time for stable Roads.


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Old traditions in modern Bangkok
May 01, 2019
In between all the modern high tech developments in Bangkok the old fashioned traditions are not lost. Here the merit-making of the beginning of the building of another new highrise building at Sukhumvit road.



:) We have new car puja.
If an apartment building project is started , owner / builder does Bhumi Poojan.

After completion each individual family does Grih Pravesh Ceremony.

Similar is for most Asian Countries.
Different part of world has their own different traditions.

Car Poojan is common most of the places in India.
Any new Bangla - Gaadi has its own Party.