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How hackers use WhatsApp SS7 Hacking?

Hackers are regularly using the flaw in SS7 signalling to hack the securest platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram also. Even though they have high bits of encryption but the vulnerability lies in SS7 on which these highly used social media platforms are used.

Hackers implement Whatsapp SS7 attack by fooling the network provider that the attacker and the victim have the same phone number. When the hacker fools the telecom networkhe can access the complete network and hence secure platforms like Whatsapp. This is easier as it requires no need to break encryption of Whatsapp or other platforms which is very difficult but still Whatsapp ss7 hacking is quite possible with the help of tools and software.

In 2017 some hackers attacked on a German network provider and they diverted all the text messages to themselves. They manipulated the one time passwords and drained the bank accounts completely.


WhatsApp Hack Update - 1.5 Billion users got infected by the breach.

Here are the attack details and solution. Read the article to know whether you're a victim or not! And if yes, what you need to do now?

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WhatsApp Hacked, Who Is Affected And What Is The Solution?

WhatsApp Breach Allowed Attackers To Spy On 1.5 Billion WhatsApp Users' Devices. Here's Who Got Infected And The Solution.

The WhatsApp hack topic is on the trending page of every news and technology updates forum since Monday. Not only this but also every news channel rolls out the headline “WhatsApp Hacked”. But people are still confused. They don’t know who got infected? Who is the victim of this breach? So here are some more updates about the breach. And if you’re one of the victims, here is what you need to do.

WhatsApp Hacked: Who did this and how?

So WhatsApp gets exposed to a zero-day flaw. Using this flaw, hackers exploited targeted WhatsApp users and installed spyware on their devices. To do so, all they need is just a phone call. And it doesn’t matter you attend the call or not. We’ve already discussed this in the previous article.

Now let’s talk about who did this breach. According to Financial Times, who reported this news first, the spyware was developed by NSO. The Isreali Cyber Intelligence company is said to be on the back of this attack.

Who Got infected?

We’ve already answered this question in our first report. But let’s elaborate it a little bit. The nature of the attack is different. There is no such number given by WhatsApp authorities or any security researchers. But WhatsApp is used by 1.5 billion people. And the vulnerability is exploitable on all devices. It indirectly means that every WhatsApp user is a victim of this vulnerability. But as we said earlier, this is a targeted attack. The hackers could target specific WhatsApp contacts. So, according to researchers, the attackers must have targeted high profile people.

What’s the solution? How to be safe?

First of all, if you’ve not received any voice call from an unknown number on WhatsApp. Congratulations! You’re not the targeted one. The solution to this issue is provided by Facebook which owns WhatsApp now. A new updated version with security patches has been issued. So quickly update your WhatsApp. You can download the latest version from your official app stores and WhatsApp official site also.


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The door that unites all religions - Shri Badri Narayan Temple, Batseri - #DoorsOfIndia


Tata Pravesh

Published on Oct 22, 2017

Shri Badri Narayan Temple in Batseri was originally built in the 15th century. The temple complex is used as a meeting point for villagers and also as a venue for celebrating festivals like Fulaich. The door of the temple has simple but pleasing designs that complement the whole temple structure. It provides a masterpiece finish to the entire architecture. There are representations of four religions on the doors and panels of the temple. Guess which ones?


Mani Mahesh Yatra july 2018



Published on Aug 22, 2018

This Yatra was commenced on 21 July from Delhi then we reached to Pathankot then to Chamba then Bharmour where we visit Bharmani mata mandir and mandir chaurasi then we went to Hadsar and start trekking for Mani mahesh jheel (13500 feet from sea level) . For detailed video you can watch Shri manimahesh Yatra part 1 and 2 in our channel.