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That's great. Nation-wide and...Swachh Bharat Mission Consultant, suggests there is some serious involvement in driving it, implementing it.
I think it is not cleaner.
But burried as History of this Era for future Generations !

Turning one thing inot other is a form of transfer of things to a different kindof problem.
It may surface after sometime only.
Environment is no more like it was in 1950s anyhow.
Time is to move on like this only.
We have not much options left.
Technology will come to handle future problems then.
I hope for best.

Zindagi chalne ka naam hai !

India experiments with turning ocean plastic into roads
But using salvaged plastic waste in roads may be doing more harm than good

The crew of Holy Star with litter recovered from their nets, Sakthikulangara harbour, Kerala. (Image: Shailendra Yashwant)
Shailendra Yashwant, June 17, 2019

The early morning bustle at Sakthikulangara harbour in Kollam is much like any other on Kerala’s coast. Thousands of tonnes of fish landed by hundreds of boats are being sorted, cleaned and auctioned. But something novel is happening. Each vessel is also offloading salvaged waste that crews disentangle from their nets. The plastic will be mixed with bitumen to make roads.
“It is disgusting what we find at the bottom of the sea,” says S Raghu, captain of the Holy Star, which has just hauled in about 30 kilos of waste. “The garbage is competing with the fish.”
Peter Mathias, president of the All Kerala Fishing Boat Operators Association, says the fishers pledged to bring back the waste from their operations and whatever is caught in the nets.
The plastic waste is then collected by Suchitwa Sagaram (Clean Seas), a Kerala government initiative launched in 2017, and cleaned and shredded in a special facility. Suchitwa Mission, Kerala’s flagship waste management programme, helped pay for the shredding machine and six months of costs.

Clean Seas staff move washed marine waste for drying

Clean Seas staff carry washed marine waste. (Image: Shailendra Yashwant)
By late February, almost 16 metric tonnes of plastic had been shredded and 145 kilogrammes of plastic bottles had been pressed into bales. But despite the programme’s success, its future is uncertain, largely because of a lack of funds and limited market opportunities.
“More and more road contractors are shying away from using the waste material, citing technical difficulties in melting and mixing it with their road-building material,” says Sudhakaran, the coordinator of the programme in Kollam. “We need to think about other alternatives to recycle the shredded waste.”

Staff from Clean Seas sort and shred plastic waste

Shredding and sorting plastic waste (Image: Shailendra Yashwant)
Are plastic roads a dead end?
It was after a series of pilot projects in Chennai that a number of Indian cities and villages began blending roads out of 92% bitumen and 8% recycled plastic.
Clean Kerala Company (CKS) sources and distributes shredded plastics for road building. So far 15 tonnes of plastic shreds have made it into about nine kilometres of road across the state, mostly for short stretches inside villages. About 1.7 metric tonnes of plastic is needed per kilometre.
Advocates claim that roads built with plastic waste are more resilient to searing heat, but environmentalists have raised concerns. They point to the release of highly toxic dioxins when the plastic is melted, and the risk of leaching and bioaccumulation of microplastics in soil, especially on poorly built roads.
“There is scant research on this aspect, hence it would be wise to take a precautionary approach before adopting such technologies on a large scale,” says Dharmesh Shah of Global Alliance Against Incineration.
Plastic roads may not be economic as it is expensive to separate polymers suitable for road construction from a mix of several. (The Indian Roads Congress only recommend polyurethane, polyethylene terephthalate and low- and high-density polyethylene.)
“We have to clean the oceans. We have to find a solution to the garbage. So far plastic roads are the only available option,” says Abhilash Pillai, assistant engineer of the local government’s Harbour Engineering Department, Kollam. “There is no limit to the plastic waste out there in the seas, on the land. We have a huge task ahead and it’s an emergency.”

Shredded plastic

Shreds of hope? (Image: Shailendra Yashwant)
“Plastic roads are not a solution,” says Shibu Nair of NGO Thanal, who has spearheaded the zero-waste movement in Kerala for almost two decades. “You are hiding your plastic waste for some time and converting all your roads into toxic land.”
He says that neither the Harbour Engineering Department nor the Fisheries Department have a clear institutional mechanism to manage and protect the environment. “That is why the programme is running on an ad hoc basis. We cannot leave those fishermen and women to market forces.”
“If plastic roads are going to be an environmental problem in the future then we need another solution,” says Peter Mathias. “Our fishermen are underwriting the clean-up operations. We desperately need fresh ideas and an infusion of funds for this programme to make a difference.”
Without funds and new markets for the salvaged plastic waste, the fate of this pioneering programme in Kollam hangs in the balance, as do ambitious plans to expand it to other ports.

Bails of pressed plastic bottles

Bales of bottles (Image: Shailendra Yashwant)

The cost of plastics
Kerala Suchitwa Mission estimates that the state produces 480 tonnes of plastic waste per day. Some of this finds its way into rivers and into the sea.
A UN Environment Programme study found that 311 million tonnes of plastic was produced globally in 2014. It estimated that in 2010, 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tonnes found its way into the ocean. Sunlight then degrades it into microplastics that are mistaken for food by aquatic life and seabirds, damaging internal organs. Millions of birds, turtles, fish and other species are affected.
“Even if every plastic ban on the planet was fully successful, we still have millions of tonnes of historical waste that needs to be dealt with safely and permanently. Unfortunately, all the current practices – poorly regulated landfills, waste-to-energy plants, recycling plastic into pellets, plastic roads etc – all have failed and will lead to more harm than help,” says Shibu Nair.
To end the cycle of plastic pollution for good, the recycling industry is focusing on upcycling, prevention and interception of microplastics, as well as negating the need for plastic – such as by using corn starch or hemp for packaging.
“We hope that the next generation will completely reject plastics and find a new alternative,” says Shiny S, an employee of Clean Seas at the Kollam harbour. “For now, our appeal to people is to stop using and discarding plastic like there is no tomorrow.”
Clean Seas staff delivers a specially knitted bag for collection of marine litter to crew of a fishing boat about to sail from Sakthikulangara harbour, Kollam

Mendes Joseph of Clean Seas delivers a marine litter bag to fishers at Sakthikulangara harbour. (Image: Shailendra Yashwant)

Shailendra Yashwant is an independent documentary photographer and environment journalist based in India. This article was first published on chinadialogue ocean.

India experiments with turning ocean plastic into roads
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Jeevan Chalne Ka Naam - Manna Dey - Mahendra Kapoor - Shyama Chittar - Shor [1972]
•Jan 7, 2016


Vikram Singh

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Song: Jeevan Chalne Ka Naam Movie: Shor Singer : Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor & Shyama Chittar Music : Laxmikant-Pyarelal Lyrics: Inderjit Singh Tulsi Label : Saregama India Limited Year : 1972

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Chabidar Chabi | Girlz | Praful-Swapnil | Sagar Das | Naren Kumar | Vishal Devrukhkar
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Jeevan Chalne Ka Naam..
Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor, Shyama Chittar, Chorus
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Shor | Super-Hit Hindi Movie | Manoj Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri, Premnath
•Nov 26, 2016


Cine Scope

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Shankar (Manoj Kumar), his lovely wife Geeta (Nanda) and Deepak (Master Satyajeet) are a poor but happy family. Tragedy strikes one day, when Deepak wonders over to the railway tracks. When Geeta rushes in to warn and rescue him, she is run over by the train and is instantly killed. Deepak loses his vocal chords and cannot speak. Shankar takes Deepak to see a doctor (Raj Mehra), who examines Deepak, and tells Shankar that Deepak can recover his voice after a surgerical operation, which may cost around 1000 to 1500 rupees. Shankar is unable to afford this but is determined to find the money to cure his son. Shankar's mom (Kamini Kaushal), sister (Naaz), Khan Badshan (Prem Nath), Rani alias Raat ki Rani (Jaya Bhaduri) offer support. And Shankar takes part in a grueling tournament that puts his very life at risk. Director: Manoj Kumar Writer: Manoj Kumar Stars: Manoj Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri, Prem Nath


Few days ago, sudden big thunder clap, I almost jumped off the bed. I was just glad the router and all was ok.
About 7 days rain, only today it stopped, completely, and first hot day, 33.
A Friend at Rohini said that
It was like Nuclear Blast !
If someone has heard it earlier and is alive !
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Jammu › Mansar Gandola Car Cable To Satrt Soon In Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Tourism

जम्मू-कश्मीर में आ रहे हैं घूमने तो जरूर आए इस गंडोला पर, दिखेगा जन्नत का असल नजारा
न्यूज डेस्क, अमर उजाला, जम्मू, Updated Wed, 27 Nov 2019 02:28 PM IST

मानसर में गंडोला

1 of 5
मानसर में गंडोला - फोटो : अमर उजाला

पर्यटकों के लिए तेजी से विकसित हो रहे मानसर में गंडोला शुरू करने की कवायद तेज की गई है। जेएंडके केबल कार कारपोरेशन के तकनीकी विशेषज्ञ जल्द मानसर में गंडोला के लिए साइट का जायजा लेंगे।

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इसमें पार्किंग, सड़क, बिजली, विजिबिलिटी आदि तकनीकी पहलुओं का निरीक्षण किया जाएगा। इसके बाद साइट फाइनल की जाएगी। इसके लिए सुरईंसर-मानसर डेवलपमेंट अथारिटी के अधिकारियों ने जेएंडके केबल कार कारपोरेशन से चर्चा की है।

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प्रिंसिपल सचिव पर्यटन नवीन कुमार चौधरी ने हाल ही में मानसर दौरे में वहां गंडोला की संभावनाओं को तलाश करने पर काम करने के निर्देश दिए थे। जम्मू संभाग में श्री माता वैष्णो देवी, शिवखोड़ी के बाद मानसर पर्यटकों के लिहाज से तेजी से विकसित हुआ है।

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यहां सौंदर्य से परिपूर्ण प्राकृतिक झील के अलावा बोटिंग का लुत्फ लेने के लिए पर्यटक पहुंच रहे हैं। मानसर में कई धार्मिक और धरोहर स्थल हैं। वाइल्ड लाइफ में हिरण, नील गाय के साथ क्रेन, बतकें आदि पक्षी झील के आसपास उपलब्ध हैं। जम्मू जिला मुख्यालय से 58 किमी. दूरी पर स्थित मानसर में गंडोला की संभावनाओं को तलाशा जा सकता है। वर्ष 2018 में यहां 10.50 लाख पर्यटक पहुंचे थे, जबकि वर्ष 2019 में अब तक 8.50 लाख पर्यटक आ चुके हैं।

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गंडोला के लिए काम किया जा रहा है। इसमें केबल कार कारपोरेशन के तकनीकी विशेषज्ञ जल्द साइट के लिए मानसर का दौरा करने वाले हैं। गंडोला से यहां पर्यटकों की संख्या में इजाफा होगा।-नागेंद्र सिंह जमवाल, सीईओ, सुरईंसर-मानसर डेवलपमेंट अथारिटी

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