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Noted Huawei boss here said 4G will continue to be more important in Africa than 5G, 4G network development must continue. (imo, all the talk of 5G, we see by "experts" and tech-news websites is silly, it is not so relevant to this internet access we are talking about.)
btw, one of the things they talk about here with 5G, they say SA is behind in roll-out of 5G because government has not sorted out the spectrum allocation.

Also, when we talk about the cost of data, here or other countries in Africa, that are less developed, have very less infrastructure, it is actually *mobile* / 3G, 4G that we're talking about.

For many years, >=middle class people have been using ADSL, ADSL modems and routers, that uses Telkom copper/landline infrastructure. The main concern for them is always video/tv streaming...Netflix and so on. That means contracts.
Now, for several years, implementing fiber networks to replace that...taking lonnnnng...they will say ok, fiber is now there to your block/district, but then people still waiting for months before they actually get a connection for the house.

I don't care much, I stick to mobile because i will not get into contracts and debit orders.
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